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    Dessert Bar

    CraveSweets2 Newbie

      I am a college student and have always has a passion for baking. I live in a somewhat small area off North Carolina's Coast and there is only one bakery in our area, and to be honest its not the best. I am originally from Philadelphia, and what I am use to is something they lack down here, and I see a market for it.

      I had this idea to open a Dessert Bar after having my birthday a few weeks ago. After dinner with my friends, we didnt want to go to a bar or club, we wanted to still have a great night out, but there was no place to go. Then thats when it hit me, to open a Dessert Bar that will be open later, have live music at night, but basically just be a new way for evening entertainment for students as well as families or young professionals. Would anyone be able to help me on how to get started, and even if this idea is way to far fetched? Any tips will be fantastic.
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          I love your spirit and desire to bring something new to your area.


          The first two steps that I recommend entrepreneurs take is to determine their USP (unique selling proposition - what makes you unique that customers will come buy from you) followed by a developing a business plan to support it.


          It sounds like you have started to define your USP, but I have a feeling that you may change it (how you market it, but the concept will remain very similar) as you perform research for your business plan. I'll explain more in a minute.


          Here's a link to a free page on my site to give you the necessary components of a business plan along with ideas for each section:



          The reason why I think you may change your USP from a dessert bar to more of an after-hours coffee house with live music and dessert is that unless your market research indicates that the locals want a dessert bar, they may not get the concept right away.


          I owned and operated a fine dining restaurant for a number of years, just recently selling it, so I have experience in the industry.


          Most people get the coffee house concept, but the dessert bar concept may take some more marketing and selling. You want your target audience to grasp the concept quickly. As a dessert bar, you will have restaurants as indirect competitors, so make sure that you research the dessert selections at the restaurants in your area.


          After you develop a business plan, you can contact me to review it to make sure that you have your bases covered and that your financial projections are reasonable.


          Hope this helps as a start.


          All the Best,


          Doug Dolan


          The Solopreneur's Guide


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            RedTieMedia Adventurer

            You have a great idea. I also agree with Solo on the points he made. I have read this blog and most of his website during my time at Red Tie Media, only to make sure we had everything where we needed it.

            I live in orlando, there are tons of after hour "Coffee Shops" that many people here enjoy hanging out at instead of always going to the bar, sometimes its nice for a date or just to relax with friends.

            The main things you should first focus on is, Location, How your going to market your business ((im sure people will see it and be like....this wasnt here before, lets check it out)) Make sure everyone in town knows the day your going to have your Grand opening.

            I would recomend doing a poll around town and seeing what others would want from a unique business like yours, types of drinks, food, snacks, music, seating area.

            This way you will know what all you will need to please your customers, plus adding your own stuff that you make ((since you enjoy baking)) and having others try your creations out.

            Best of luck to you with project.

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