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    New eCommerce business

    EDG14u2 Newbie

      Hi everyone,


      Thank you for allowing us to join your Small Business Community group. Since we are a new small business, we are very excited to be part of your group. We have recently started an eCommerce retail business. We offer quality products at discount prices, including consumer electronics, video games, GPS, Laser/Radar detector, MP3 IPOD MP4, accessories, portable DVD players, and more. The website URL is and we invite you to take a look at it. We are looking for affiliate program advertisers, i.e. websites that offer complimentary products where there may be some cross selling. If you know of any that would be a fit, please let us know. Does anyone know if Bank of America offers a Visa/MasterCard affiliate referral program?


      We too are looking for inexpensive ways to advertise effectively to drive traffic to our site, and are wondering if anyone is aware of any other small business bulletin boards or yahoo groups that may be of interest to us.


      Thanking you in advance for your assistance.




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          CorpCons08 Ranger
          Welcome to the community and congratulations on your new venture.
          I will take a look at your website soon and provide my feedback.
          In regards to your question about a Bank of America credit card referral program...
          You might want to contact your local Bank of America branch on that.

          Good luck and best wishes,

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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Welcome and good luck. How long have you been in business??
            Do you have a Business and Marketing Plan?? Do you have an Accountant??
            I am a Quickbooks consultant and I think that a lot of Members are looking for ways to effectively
            drive traffic to our sites and or pick up new clients.
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              Lighthouse24 Ranger

              Thanks and welcome to the community.

              The challenges I see for you are: 1) your discount prices are still pretty high -- for example, the average price on the thirteen "must have" gadgets in your catalog is 56 percent higher than the same items on big box websites; 2) Your shipping charges are a mystery, while the big box stores currently offer free shipping or in-store pick up; 3) You don't handle returns (customer must get instructions and authorizations from you, and then return merchandise to the manufacturer), plus you charge a 20 percent or 50 percent restocking fee (depending on circumstances) if an item is returned; 4) you don't have a physical location shown anywhere on your website.

              To shop your site or to affiliate with it, I'd expect to see something about your business that's better than the competition -- i.e., lower prices, larger selection, more personalized service, value-added features, a locally-owned operation . . . something. I'm missing it. What's your competitive position? In other words, why should a customer buy from you and not one of the hundreds of other places that sell these items? If you can identify and emphasize that right up front, then you'll be on the path to success. Good luck!
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                CorpCons08 Ranger

                My Critique

                1) Your website displays all of your products on the front page. (ie: slow load time). Categorizing the products would really help.
                2) The shipping and handling costs are not displayed anywhere that I can find. I am a bit worried about what the price would be after shipping and handling.
                3) As Lighthouse said, the prices are not really discounted that great. They are still pretty high in comparison to other wholesalers.


                4) There is no location or contact information. Where are you shipping these items from?
                5) Restating what Lighthouse said, the return policy is really lousy. You basically have an "as-is" policy, and nobody wants to deal with that from a wholesaler selling "new" items.
                6) You misspelled your consultants name on your "About Us" page.

                Okay, this ended up sounding like a bad response but I am trying to help you shape your page and service to help you draw up business.
                Please let me know your thoughts. CorpCons08
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                  NatOnline Tracker
                  Welcome to the BoA club ;-)

                  I went to your site, and found a few things you can improve, that will help your site I think .

                  1) There is no menu, not easy to find the products.
                  2) Images too large on the index
                  3) I would like to see a short product description under each product in the index.

                  4) When I am on your index, there are two important things you should show on the top
                  a) The Logo of Paypal on the top page
                  b) The logo of on the top page

                  5) You can make your urls search engines friendly, that will give you a plus in SEO

                  Seems like you do drop shipping, I thing it is smart particularly with video games, electronics etc...

                  Good luck