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    Global Resorts Network VIP Luxury Resort Membership

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      How would you like to be let in on a “little secret” that lets you travel the world like royalty for pennies on the dollar?


      Would you like to know what thousands are now turning to as the ultimate solution for their luxury travel? (*hint:*
      it’s not a timeshare) How would you like to say “goodbye” to the
      monthly bills, never ending maintenance fees, or not getting the weeks
      you want?


      How would you like to create the vacation lifestyle of your dreams, *one that you know you deserve*?


      Since 1986, one of the best kept secrets in the travel industry has been a VIP luxury resort membership
      club specializing in luxury travel. Available only through private
      consultation, to exclusive clientele, these memberships sold for over
      ten thousand dollars and were worth every penny of it.


      For a select few that could afford these exclusive travel memberships, they provided the vacation lifestyle of their dreams. Now through an exclusive worldwide contract and the marketing power of the Internet, these luxury vacation memberships are available to you and your loved ones at a fraction of the price.With your Platinum Luxury Resort Membership, you’ll have With no blackout dates or restrict


      With no blackout dates or restricted weeks, you are in complete
      control. Whether you want to go to Hawaii or Cabo in peak season,
      Colorado in ski season, Arizona in golf season, or take a Disney Cruise
      in any season, our membership offers a service like no other.


      And that’s not all, these memberships save money in all aspects of
      your vacation travel, from airline travel to cruises, from car rental
      to excursion packages, you can save money everywhere. As a matter of
      fact, these lifetime travel memberships can pay for themselves in only two or three vacations.

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