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    Can I get a review of my online business?

    rive0108 Wayfarer
      Basically what I have is a free media portal that offers streaming movies, games and videos.

      There is no cost to the users, as I try to accrue revenue either through CPM/CTR, or buy having advertisers directly run their ads/banners on my site for a monthly fee.

      I am interested in getting a review of the site. Ways to improve it, drive more traffic, and such. What is the Impression you get when you first view the site, Does it catch Interest?, what are the detractions?

      The streaming movies/episodes due to DMCA only allow streaming in the US, but a free VPN solves that for those out of the US (see news for the url link). This is one of the drawbacks I have heard alot about-the inability to stream- other than that, or even with the fix, what do you think of the layout/design/and ecommerce potential of the site? I am currently PR0, with an Alexa of 300,000 (the site is 4 months old).




      my site::