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    Thanks and Good Bye

    MoveForward Scout

      Thank you Bank of America and the team
      behind this for powering this forum within
      your website.

      I have enjoyed spending my down time
      on my laptop networking with others. Thanks
      to so many of you, I had a forum to share,
      learn and hear suggestions. All allowing
      me and my business to grow.

      During this time when the economy is shaken
      it is important for us to look at our small
      business networking with the "glass being half
      filled" attuitude, instead of "half
      empty". This can be accomplished on this
      forum by support, motivation, suggestions
      and networking. No time for anything

      I look forward to keeping my eye on this
      websites articles.

      It was exciting to have a full-forum of mentors
      and although it will once again be quiet without
      mentors I will keep my "glass half full and
      move forward".