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    Want to start business as a non US citizen on P1 visa, help!

    hot_hoops Newbie

      Hello, my boyfriend's family is in search of advice. They are circus performers working in the United States on P-1 visas. They want to start their own circus here, but aren't sure if their status allows them to do so. I have been researching business types and it seems like we would fall under the S Corp or LLC categories but I have found mixed information on whether or not a non-citizen can start a business here. My family owns a carnival company and we are registered as an S Corp. I think that would also work well for a circus.

      I know that foreign students here on F-1 visas cannot start a business if the student applying is the one intending to do the work, but is it ok for a P-1 (performer's visa) to start a business? This is all so confusing, if anybody could please respond to this it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!