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    Bit by the Shark....are you?

    MoveForward Scout

      Tonight (Tuesday) is the new season of
      "Shark Tank on ABC"! The program has moved
      from Sunday to Tuesday (check your listing
      for a time in your area).

      Each week 4 budding entrepreneurs and
      inventors pitch their product or business concept
      to 4 investors (the Sharks) in hopes one will
      agree to invest in their vision.

      You will learn how investors think, ideas on
      marketing, and so much more.

      (Past episodes on their website)

      I consider this show a business hands-on
      classroom. My kids love it without realizing they
      are learning something! Hope you get the same
      motivation and business education I do from this
        • Re: Bit by the Shark....are you?
          DomainDiva Ranger
          I played that version for two years with the VC's. Have fun watching. I am glad you are learning something. My one lesson: VC- NOT!!! Of course my problem was that my area of expertise and what I do is not mainstream so finding anyone who even wanted to try and undestand it was a challenge. When I did find a VC that undestood it, they wanted me to break up the tech team and use 'their' people for technical as well as legal and financial, breaking up an alreday set corporate board of directors and team...not good.