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    voice message saying ' you are my enermy'

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      i met an individual at a chamber event. i would call and ask him questions of issues i was uncertain about and verify some information. he also would introduce me to various companies as business leads, even though non of his referrals ever was positive. on thursday he called and left a message on my answering machine to join him at an event of one of the chamber members. he had mentioned to me that it starts at 6.30pm. i arrived at the place at 7.10pm and the place was packed. i was feeling a bit anxious as i am not very comfortable in crowds. something i don't tell many people. i simply deal with it very privately and professionally. i got seated and ordered a glass of cold water. while sipping the water, my friend asked me why i was late. i then looked at him and said that is because i was busy and what difference does it make? i told him i was not staying long anyway. he then said to me why? i thought you were going to stay at least for a couple of hours. i sipped my water and ignored him as i did not think i needed to answer him. he continue to say 'i am talking to you, answer me' i looked up at him and could not believe his eyes was so huge and he kept saying answer me! i took my purse and said, ok, I am leaving anyway. and left. i was shaking as i could not believe how he spoke to me. i got home and did not even say anything to my husband or daughter. the next day i listened to my voice messages on my cell phone and he had left 3 voice messages, the first one he says, i will never be played again' i am not sure what that means, then he left another message the next day saying, people can either be my friend or my enemy, you are now my enemy, he also says the community only respects me because of him and now i will now what it feels like to be disrespected by the community. he also says, you call me did you hear? just listening to his messages makes me scad. i am not sure what to do, on the other hand i am afraid of him. i have to go to events and will not be comfortable around him. he had mentioned to me before that he was buying a gun. that made me even more scad, because when we go to events i have to give him a ride since he don't have a car. his behavior made me so scad, i kept think what if. if anyone can please advise me as to how to deal with this matter as i also have a reputation to uphold as an individual and business women.
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          Hello, I am not in USA but my first suggestion is to talk to your husband.


          But I am curious about one thing, your bio says you are in legal services so why not use the resources of your profession?


          I am not sure what the rules / laws are re harassment or threats in US, but I would have thought you had something to go with.
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            First of all I think that perhaps you may have been a bit rude when you brushed off his inquiry about your tardiness and then followed up with what were off-hand comments about staying late. You may have blown a project or a referral for him.

            However...he totally went overboard with his reactions and his follow ups. You may want to have an attorney write him a letter or take out a restraining order against him. If there is any kind of 'governance' to this networking group you may want to approach one of the managers and let them listen to the voice messages. By all means, discuss this with your husband at once!!!

            In order for him to have power over you, you have to give it to him. Go to public events where he may be and if he harasses it immediately. Don't back down and stop attending 'community' events unless you plan on ceasing your business activities.

            In the future remember that these networking groups are serious business and some people take them too seriously. I attended a couple of networking group sessions and found that they were not for me, too intrusive, people wanting just more information than I thought was proper in a business setting.

            Good Luck and hang in there... DD
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              voice message

              Who are you?? Go to Members page and share some info.

              Do you write?? Is this a sci - fi story??
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