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    Google Website Optimizer, help please.

    wordperfect Scout

      Hi people, I have been trying to set the above up as an A B test.


      I have followed the instruction, have two sample pages to test.


      Have entered the web address of the 3 pages needed, the little searching wheel has spun round and round and Google says "Located."


      I have copied, cut and pasted the resulting codes according to instructions and the model, at the top above the head on one and at the end, before the close body tag as well as the same end position on other 2 pages.




      Nope, message says ERRORS ON PAGE for all 3 pages.


      Now, if you have done this you know it doesn't take rocket science, or much time, I have been trying it for 2 days and 2 nights, so that is several hundred attempts, each one... FAIL! I design and code my own pages so have an understanding of HTML, have checked my server via FTP and he pages DO have the code and ARE uploaded and on line. It beats me.


      I am 99.99999999999% sure I have done EVERYTHING according to the plot, so, has any had this experience? Anyone see what I am missing?