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      The following post from Mr spacemonkey irritated me a little bit because he or she is guilty of gross generalisation.

      *8. Re: A single mom has a dream of a Boutique with high end Handbag 1/05/2009 23:47 *
      hi ashley,
      *I know producers for good branded (in leather) companies like armani, oliveira, raffaello, versace, etc so if you would like to strike a deals with them let me know. This is not in china etc.... as they have horrible quality. </stro
      <p>Contact me and I will give you their contacts.


      Look, let's be very clear, there is a lot of rubbish that comes out of China and as I have posted before, it is easy to be cheated and tricked by Chinese businesses, it also happens to local Chinese here in China.


      But, and this is the bit that irritated me in the above post, not everything that comes out of China is " *horrible quality" *which is what Spacemonkey is alluding to. There are in fact some high quality goods, especially in the garment and fashion industry, factories run in cooperation with Italian designers or businesses. Some have the "trim" handles zips added or are assembled in a european country so they can bear the label made in ......... anywhere but China.


      The problem comes when greedy little website or store owners KNOWINGLY buy "*horrible quality," *from China, then flog it off to US customers at top dollar. Most of us know we usually get what you pay for, a cheap I-pod ex China probably isn't and bargain prices clothes serve a purpose, for a short time. So, if you are looking for BRANDED goods at a cheap price in China, don't, they cost about the same here as anywhere.But there is still a lot of very good quality, non branded goods made in China.


      No! I am not defending China or all Chinese made products, all I am saying is, come on, be fair and objective, I have a daughter up in Minnesota and I know she has troubles from time to time with the quality of some US made products. Think automobiles And no again, I am not an exporter, or anything directly to do with Chinese goods, our business aim is to help small foreign companies get their businesses started in China without being ripped off by agents, gvt officials and the like.


      Maybe you have bought something with a Made in China label and it was rubbish, it happens, a lot, we know, if you paid top dollar you have a right to be aggrieved, but maybe, just maybe, the local importer bought it as low end? If you are thinking of sourcing ex China and concerned about being cheated by factories or agents / distributors actually the latter are more likely to cheat you than the factory then drop me a line, we can also do checks and investigations to give you a bit more peace of mind.


      Let me repeat, I along with 1.4 billion Chinese ALL know China isn't perfect, we all know there are problems here, we don't need Reuters, BBC or CNN to tell us, we all have been cheated more than a few times, and we all know the reputation that China has in some eyes. But there are a lot of people here working bloody hard to combat that, it will take time and there are low life and short cut takers everywhere.


      So, finally, thank you Spacemonkey for giving me an angle and opportunity to run a classified but let's all be a little less emotional and more balanced in our judgements of one and other.