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    Funny stuff at GOOGLE analytics

    wordperfect Scout
      If you use Google Analytics GA or know someone who does, you may have noticed or heard them talking about a spike in visitor numbers recently which seems out of the usual pattern.

      There is a man or woman in Barueri, Brazil, using Brazilian Portuguese language to "visit" certain sites having gained access to a series of GA tracking numbers.
      There are no reports for things such as browser or operating system set so it seems he is not actually visiting the sites, just sending hits by manipulating the GA code.

      The only traceable lead is the source: " "
      You can GOOGLE for this and follow the trail to his website, either of of curiosity or aggravation, however, please DO NOT.
      At this point he doesn't appear to be doing anything nefarious and is just a mild irritation to those whose sites are hit.

      The main point appears to be simply to peak your curiosity or what ever to the point where you visit the site, thus driving a mega tone of traffic to him.
      In other words, you are helping him push his site and products.

      So, please avoid the temptation and spread the word among your friends, family, colleagues and any other forums or groups you may belong to.
      He began this in June, was successfully closed down with GOOGLES help, but he is a resilient chap or chappess and has come back again, probably as it is extremely effective and successful for him.
      When his traffic dies, so will his game, until he thinks of a new one!