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    Home based business

    Leo_77 Newbie
      My name is Amanda. My business is Ollie's Organics. It is named after my lil pup Ollie. I make organic dog treats. They are great for your dog's health and at the same time aids in saving the planet. I frequent different festivals at dog shows and "green" festivals to attempt to get may name out. The website, business cards, flyers are extremely professional. I am just having a hard time getting advertising. We use all organic products. Does anyone have any tips on how to get my name out there better?

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          You can try to pick off people one by one or you can try to grab a group's attention by finding out who influences them.


          Think of your ideal customer base. Think of the things that are important to them. Why would they want organic treats for their dogs?


          Then think of the people that do stories in the publications and online for this target audience. Are there writers, reports, editors, bloggers, or other influential people that you find typically write the stories that your target market reads or listens to?


          Write a press release, article or useful data out to these people to pique their interest about your products. Do not make your introduction a self-promotion piece. It needs to have value for the end customer referring back to how your products solve these needs or problems.


          If you can get these types of influential people to become your mouthpiece for recommending your products, it will go much farther than paying for an ad.


          Hope this helps.


          Doug Dolan


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            MoveForward Scout
            We created an annual Dog Festival for a
            client who wanted to gives dogs and owners
            a special day. This festival brings thousands
            annually (see After
            three years of producing the event we were
            able to let the event run smooth and turn it
            over to the owners (as we always try to do)
            because of the marketing exposure it has.
            Find every pet related blog, association,
            organization, club (approx. 1500 in US),
            festival, etc. and ask them if you can provide
            entrance door prize for any event they have,
            ask if you can write an article about the
            benefits of your product, ask if you can
            swap them ad space for products. You may
            also want to consider networking with some
            of the regular companies who do attend all
            the shows and dog related events. I beleive
            if you work all the dog related sites asking
            for a "shout-out" about your product they
            will work with you or suggest a way you can
            work together.
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              ICECREAMMAN2 Wayfarer

              Hi Amanda:


              I have sold Ice Cream Novelties for years. When to a service Station, and saw Dog Treats by the Tills. Ask the staff, and they said they sell lots all the time, as people have their dogs in the car, truck, etc., with them, or take them home, for later.


              If you made up some counter displays, and labels, etc. This could be a great way of getting your products out there.

              Make a business card dog biscuit, with your web info, e-mail, etc.


              If it works, set up other people in other areas, cities, as distributors.


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                cruser1000 Newbie
                Hello Amanda,

                I know that there is a market for your dog treats. I remember watching
                show called the "Bid Idea" last year with Donny Deutsch and there was
                lady that had made lots of money with her custom Dog biscuits. Now
                saying that you have to promote your product and if your going to sell
                it online you have to get traffic your website. I would recommend creating some more webpages which can be about Dog heath and the benefits of buying your organic dog treats.
                I would also see about finding other websites that promote dog products like toys, beds and health but you want to avoid ones that are selling just dog treats since your offering similar products. You can offer affiliate program which means you need to spilt your profits with others but it would mean you have others that are promoting and selling your product online and in other markets. I guess if you want to you can promote you product locally and on the internet. I had a friend do this with his Girl friends home made jewelery products and it took some time but her sale grew over 50% in a year but they where very active about online promotion.
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                  cruser1000 Newbie
                  Just a quick addittion to my note. Once you get your website established and have people coming to it you can sell lots more dog treats. Also you might want to offer other items for dogs such as chew toys or even shampoo... just off the wall ideas and if you don't have the time the beauty of doing business with other websites is you could help promote there items on your site since they are doing the same for you.

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                      brilliantmktg Newbie

                      Here's another thing to remember.... "people do business with people they know... and like and trust". And obviously you can't get to know all of your prospective clients.... but wha t you CAN do, it design your marketing materials and display boxes/etc. so that they focus on you and your dog... w/a quip about why you started the company (you passion for organic and why), etc. etc. It works at the psychological level with people and it really does make a difference. Lots more about this (and other tips) at - check out the articles. Good luck! Sounds like a lot of fun to market.


                      PS. Make sure the pic of you and Ollie looks "friendly and open".... you don't want it to look stuffy and "professional". That will work against you in most cases!
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                        dpeterson Wayfarer

                        Are you having a hard time getting advertisers on your site or are you unsure on how / where to advertise your web site? All of the previous answers posted as replies will work. If you are focusing on the web site and you need instant traffic you could always purchase instant traffic through Pay Per Click programs through either google/yahoo/or bing. Or you could go to and buy an appropriate site with TRAFFIC that you could then funnel your way.

                        There are a lot of ways to move forward, the first question I would ask is what is your objective - web traffic, web sales, local walk in traffic, mail order, kiosk sales, etc?

                        David Peterson - President: Atlanta Sales and Consulting
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                          cpweducator Newbie
                          Hello Amanda, There are lots on ways to get advertising to Ollie's Organics out there. I use the methods and traffic generation ideas from Stephen Pierce's Make Real Money On The Internet marketing section. here is sample from the marketing checklist 60 minutes a day plan
                          1. post 2-3 ads on craigslist
                          2. write and submit one article
                          3. post on 2-3 forums
                          4. place a classified ad on
                          5. place a ad on
                          6. Place an ad on
                          7. place an ad on
                          Follow this daily plan ( 1 hour a day)and watch the traffic come in believe me THIS WORKS!