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    Working as a team while helping others get healthy!

    JinLutonsky Newbie
      Hey there!

      I'm 32 years old, I live in The Woodlands, TX

      and I'm a mother to 2 children, Princess-Faith & Master-Riley


      I've been in the network marketing industry for 4 years.

      In fact, I've never had a "real" job.

      Well, okay, from 18 to 27 I worked at a property company.

      With no growth or recognition I decided I need to

      Move on to bigger and better things



      At 27, I stumbled upon this industry and never looked back.

      My experience was no different that probably a majority of people.

      I was taught to wear a button or bug my family and friends to join.

      (Which I refused to do)

      Or do the calling leads thing. I did do this rather successfully-

      I built a ½ a million dollar a year business in 6 months doing this.

      (Which was pretty good if I don't say so myself)

      But it didn't last and it just didn't feel like the right way to build a




      All leading back to my true passion-

      Physical Fitness for the mind body and soul

      and really empowering others-

      That ANYTHING is possible...

      It's kind of weird how it all has gone full circle-

      I wanted to be an architect
      and here I am along the same lines in a completely different industry

      and getting paid a heck of a lot better ;)



      For now my husband & I are working a construction

      Company & promoting health & wellness to

      People who truly love life and we enjoy helping people

      Build their dreams from their homes to their health.

      Also building up people who have the potential

      To live the way GOD intended us to live and to

      Be here for them emotionally means a lot to me!

      For more info please visit my website or email me.