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    #1 Hiring the best candidates

    spiderman Newbie

      We are looking to hire some sales people to help promote our business. The question I poise is how can I find the best candidates to do this?

      Some history about the business. Just Math is a for-profit math tutoring business in the process of converting to not-for-profit. It is the goal of Just Math to provide free tutoring to any qualified student. While I won't get into the qualifying process here, sufice it to say that for every $200.00 contribution we recieve, Just Math can provide tutoring for one month to one student. In looking to hire a small sales staff, we want to base thier pay solely upon their preformance. It would be thier duty to bring in the contributions from local businesses.

      Our experience in hiring staff has been for tutors and not sales people. In a subsequent post, I poise a the obvious question : compensation.
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          Lighthouse24 Ranger

          To clarify (and make sure we're addressing the right issues):


          When you say "hire a small sales staff" it implies that these folks will be on your payroll as your employees. In your previous post, I understood that this was not to be the case, but rather you wanted to contract with independent direct sellers (or in the case of a non-profit, what are called "professional fundraisers"). Who will these individuals work for -- Just Math or themselves as independent contractors?


          You say "converting to not-for-profit." Will Just Math actually be listed as a 501(c) non-profit organization in IRS Publication 78 before fundraising activities begin?

          Thanks. I'm sure you'll get several answers (to all thre questions) by this time tomorrow.
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            LUCKIEST Guide

            I have read post # 1. How long has

            Just Math been in business??

            Why do you want to be a Not for profit??
            COMPENSATION?? Tell us more. I will now
            go to post #2 LUCKIEST
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              Lighthouse24 Ranger
              Hi - We're still ready to offer help (on all three questions) . . . just need you to answer those clarifying questions I posted. Thanks!