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    New business suggestions or ideas

    matt1468 Wayfarer
      I believe I have an opportunity on my hands if I could come up with a business idea. I have approximately 10 acres of land with 3 warehouses and a small office building. One building has an air filtering system, one has a 50 ft roll-up garage door so large dump trailers can unload/dump into the garage and the other has a floor scale for weighing pallets, or any heavy product, a working 4 bay furnace and 2 loading docks. The original business was recycling, more specifically tele-communication scrap. My father-in-law's business was recycling lead and copper cable and wires torn out mostly by telephone companies. He then brokered the copper and lead. In the warehouses are hydraulic choppers and cable strippers, tow-motors, metal racks and pallets. Since the business handled lead, there are air filtering systems and air showers which were required by OSHA as well as the protective clothing and respirators. The tele-communication scrap business seems to have dried up and accompanied with my father-in-law's deteriorating health, the property now sits unused and available. I feel as if there must be an opportunity to start something new or similar on the site, but I just don't know what. There is already a scrap dealer right next door crushing junk and cars and handling any junk metal so I don't want to get into the junk scrap business. I need something more niche. Any ideas or proposals?
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          I suggest that you take a look at two sites:




          I used to work in the computer hardware industry a couple of years back, when I left in 2005, there were many companies pushing to transition from using lead (Pb) based solder joints to lead free. Countries and industries segments had different timetables for adhering to the RoHS requirements.


          Copper is always a valuable component in the computer industry, the availability of copper can causes prices to fluctuate greatly throughout all hi-tech industries as copper is a necessary component in the PCBs (printed circuit boards) for system boards, add-on boards and memory modules.


          I suggest that you take the time to do some research to find which countries and industries may be in the phase of transitioning from Pb solder joints to Pb free to see if you can recycle the systems / components to get at the copper (and possibly other valuable components).


          Another alternative would be to go after the desktop and laptop recycling market or see how the major search engine companies are recycling the servers out of their server farms. We were a direct supplier to one of the top search engine companies at the time. It was amazing how much inventory they cycled through when the technology made a transition. They would change over thousands of servers in their server farms - some they could sell at re-furbished systems while others were stripped for components.


          Just some quick thoughts.


          Hope this helps.


          Doug Dolan


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            I sent this to your first reply but somehow did'nt post. Please provide more detail? Is the scrap yard adjacent to your property? If so, you could perhaps sale the property to them. Another alternative would be to find out if they have an industrial bailer on their property, if not, you could perhaps work a deal to build a bailer on your property and lease back to the scrap yard in exchnge for a residual income and profit. You would
            have them to cover all maintenance and repairs. Do they own heavy cranes? How many acres is their property? A scrap yard can never have to much property as they may be in a tight squeeze.

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                matt1468 Wayfarer
                Thank you for the suggestions. We have a long relationship with the scrap yard, as you can imagine being connected, that has not always been the best but a purchase has been discussed. I would prefer to keep the property and find a new use but the decision is not mine. However, if I can come up with a business plan that makes sense I would have a better chance at keeping the property in the family and creating revenue for all of us.
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                    Sorry Matt, Your first post stated a few acres of land, I assumed this to be 2-3. With ten acres this changes the game. How many scrap yards in the area? I assume you're located in an industrial area. Are you familiar with the scrap and brokerage business? I used to manage Mars Industries here in the Michigan area and there were several yards within a one mile radius, three were across and up the street. If you want to remain in the scrap business find a specific niche to start. For example, Mars Industries processed strictly heavy cast iron, I could almost bet your neighbor is'nt doing this specialty. We processed for East Jordan Iron Works. If this is a possibility, I could certainly steer you in the right direction as to your requirements for this type of operation, free of charge.

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                  dmcentgroup Wayfarer

                  Hello Mat, my name is Dorian Young. I'm a Waste Broker, I design and set up companies to operate as a sales arm for the big three Waste management companies, Waste Management, Allied Waste Systems and Republic Waste.
                  It sounds like you have all the ingredients necessary to set up and operate a Waste management brokerage operation. You will profit by offering 10-40 yard Roll-off container services to the public without owning containers or trucks! It's all done by phone.and operates nation wide!
                  Locally you will provide clean out and disposal services to residential customers and contractors in your area your profit will come from both roll off container deliveries and the bids on the clean outs of apartmet and residential homes and garages.

                  Mat your warehouse space can be used to re-sell furnuture to the public and the closed building with the dumping capacity and 50 foot gate can be used to filter out recyclable items such as paper,card board, glass, copper and aluminum or anything worth recycling. your office can space will be used to staff your sales representatives calling your leads and taking new orders and placing and requesting container pickups! Remember the business is operated by phone and computer or cell phone and laptop you're ready to rock and roll! I can show you how to set your operaton up with web site, customer leads and establish your connections with dispatch and sales divisions quickly and at minimal set up cost!
                  If your interested give me a call at 1-313-282-7588 again my name is Dorian call any time!

                  Im currently in Detroit MI setting up a music film and production company called Double Major Creative entertainment group you will hear that on my voice mail please leave your number and I will return your call asap. or you can email me at
                  Waste management and entertainment,can you think of a better one two punch? lol