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    Shaking or Concerning?

    MoveForward Scout
      Business handshake is proper etiquette, right.

      But today, I am thinking of taking this proper
      etiquette out of my business equation.
      I can not afford a to stop my momentum
      with an illness.

      Yesterday I was awaiting a table in a restaurant
      a gentleman was also awaiting guests in this
      area. Prior to his guests arrival he sneezed into
      his hand follow by a cough, minutes later he
      greeted his guest with a handshake (same
      hand as he just sneezed and coughed into).

      My come up with a different type
      of intro. that replaces the handshake and do
      this before the other indiv. has time to put out
      their hand. Any suggestions on what
      alternatives I can use without germs being

      I realize the "fist-bump" is being used, but
      as a lady I can not see me doing this first.

      Any suggestions? Are you too concerned?
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          DomainDiva Ranger
          I carry that hand sanitizer in all of my bags, personal and business. You can always shake hands and then nonchalantly use the sanitizer. Both of my daughters are nurses so they have me trained and everyone I deal with knows this. I always offer it as well and have never been refused.

          That's just me. I would never think of stopping the learn too much about a person and sometimes that information is invaluable in a business deal.

          The fist bump is used only when two people agree or have just pulled an incredible stunt.
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