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    design student wants to help small businesses

    Deewants2help Newbie
      I'm a design student (web design & new media) and I too one day hope to start my own business. But for now I am concentrating on my education and mastering the skills that will help make me successful. That said, I also need experience, right?

      Well, I want to offer to help any small business that needs a website but doesn't have one yet. I offer to design and set up everything to be ready to go, domain name, content management system that is easy to use (so you don't have to pay someone to update your site for you) etc. Off course, the only thing you'd need to be responsible for is the cost of hosting and the cost for the domain. Which by the way, I can tell you that a domain would cost about $11/yr for a .com and the hosting platform I use is between $8 and $14 a month.

      I will make exactly $0 dollars but I will gain experience which is much more valuable to me, and your small business can get an online presence.

      What I propose is: I will build the site for you, and I should be able to get it completed within about 10 days, and only at that point, if you like it then it's all yours. I'd then guide you through setting up the host/domain and you can take over.

      So, you don't have to commit to anything. But only serious requests please. I go to school full time and am an intern too, so preferably only contact me if you are really serious about it. I can handle about 3-4 projects for now.

      Please forgive me if I posted anything I shouldn't have. I read your community's guidelines and thought this should be ok.

      My email is pjxdesign at gmail dot com