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    I am seeking some more knowledge on a business idea

    backtobasics Wayfarer

      Hello everyone,
      I posted on this forum a while ago and did get some very good advice, so here is my delima. One of the members suggested that I do a business incentive childcare and I do not know where to start. I need a business plan and I know that but do not know how to do this or what info to include. I also need to know how to go about doing that.I live in Nashville Michigan and have been in the childcare field for 19yrs now. I have owned my own in home childcare for 12 of those 18yrs and did own my own childcare center. I just recieved my Associates degree in Early childhood education and development and I am in my 3rd week of Business management. I'm trying to do it right this time. I need any advice, suggestions or comments that you guys can give me. The name I have come up with is "Home away from Home childcare". Some of the questions that I have are as follows;


      1. How do I put together a business plan?


      2. What information should go into the business plan.


      3. Do I need to get funding for this and if so were do I go?


      4. does anyone here know any more info on this subject?


      If you have answers to any other questions that I have not thought of please feel free to state them. I have a lot of things that I already incorperate in my home childcare that I would like to transition into this business including online web cams. Thank you in advance for all of your answers and suggestions.
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          knowhosting Wayfarer
          What exactly is "business incentive childcare"?

          Also, based on your post, it sounds like you already have a childcare business that you run from home.

          Can you clarify how what you're trying to do is different from what you're already doing?

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              backtobasics Wayfarer
              hello knowhosting, The difference between the two is I am doing childcare out of my home as of right now and I am trying to get it out of my home. The problem is there are so many childcare centers in our area, I would like to do something different, but still in the same field that I love, childcare. Like I said I was told about this from another member in this forum and I thought it was a wonderful idea. I just do not know how to go about doing this. So I'm in need of some guildence from people who know where to lead me next.
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                  knowhosting Wayfarer
                  Ah - Okay. So, if you want to place your childcare center somewhere in a business building .... I would consider going your downtown area - or wherever you have a good amount of businesses in your town. Review the area to see - how many child care centers are in that area? Generally, parents want to be close to their children. So, see if you can make that happen. I used to work in a building downtown that had about 20 businesses just within that building. That childcare facility was always full! :)

                  So, go down to those areas and see what is currently being offered. Then figure out how you can be different. You may find that there is nothing currently being offered. Then you have to start thinking about your location of course.

                  Once you find all this, then you will want to contact the HR people of the businesses (or business). Talk to them about your services and see if you can sign some sort of contract with the company. It would be a win-win for you - get an endorsement from the company and the company can advertise that they provide childcare.

                  Hope some of this gives you some ideas :)

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                MoveForward Scout

                Incentive Childcare is when you have a childcare center within


                a headquarter company or other. This childcare allows the


                employees to have their childcare on within there place of




                Go to TheSoloGuide (he is in members) his website has a
                business plan and great info and he can help you.
       (you can also find him on his website).

                So glad you are working on this. I still feel this is the a win/win
                for you and the employer.
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                  Here is a link to a free page on my site listing all the elements of a business plan with some insight regarding each section:




                  The information on this page should answer questions 1 and 2 that you have listed above. Realize that you will have more questions as you read this. Do not let that concern you. It is a natural step in the process. This page will give you direction as to the information that you will need to research. As you review it, you will have questions. This will lead to the research necessary to complete your business plan.


                  Concerning question 3, the answer is, "it depends". Part of your business plan will require that you put together financial information. It is from this that you will be able to determine whether you need funding or not. There are too many variables at this point, plus I do not know what your financial status is to say whether you need outside funding for your program or not.


                  If you do require funding or would like some insight as you develop your plan, I suggest that you try to get a hold of a member here that goes by the nickname "phanio". He provides very helpful advice regarding what you will need to secure outside funding and where to get it.


                  Here is a link to his site:




                  As part of your business plan, you will need to define your mission statement along with your USP (unique selling proposition) - what sets you apart from the competition. It will be key for you to decide this early on as it greatly affects many aspects of your research and plan.


                  "MoveForward", thank you for the recommendation and referral.


                  Hope this helps.


                  Doug Dolan


                  The Solopreneur's Guide