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    Community supporting, clothing/accessory idea - skeptical

    dexter0889 Wayfarer
      I want to start a small Retail clothing and accessory business in teh Jackson, MI area.
      The business would take ideas and work from local designers, artistis and local bands merchindise, to supply its products. Products being clothing and accessories. The business, along with supporting the youth and artists of the MI area, would also supply an entire genre of people with a style thats for the most part overlooked or overpriced in the area.

      I dont know where you are located or if you know of these next examples but, the store would hold the styles similar to a Buckle but more like a Rue 21 in price (lower cost). And would be a very large part of the community, through these tough times.

      The business will you the advertisment of local bands along with all local designers/artists who contribute. And we will design our own shirts to sell, along with shoes, jeans, backpacks and other small items such as bumperstickers, necklaces ect.

      However, i am midway through my business plan and am becoming skeptical of tis success, not because of troubles in writing the business plan, but because i am constantly reminded by the people close to me of the risks involved with this. Therefor becuase i am only 20 years old and was planning on continuing my eduaction in aviation, i am worried that i might fail and mess up my financail situation for the rest of my life. (note though, that i have always been very inerested in bus. from a very young age, and have spent years of my life developing business plans and ideas)

      I am confident in my abilities to sccomplish somthing like this but im beging to wonder if my idea is not as solid as i think it is.

      Any words of wisdom?
      Is this normal to feel this way or should i hold off untill the idea becomes more plausable.
      Any other ideas for the business?
      I just need some more ideas.
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          DomainDiva Ranger
          I LOVE THE IDEA.

          Stop doubting yourself, and quit talking to bozos. Read Rules for Revolutionaries by Guy Kawasaki. In this book he discusses the dumb ideas:

          the light bulb
          the fax machine
          the Personal Computer
          the computer mouse
          the automobile

          and on and on

          Talking to other people is the first sure fire way to stop moving forward. Go for this, any idea that brings together artistic people is a sure winner. I would shop at your place in a heartbeat as I am always looking for the little odd places to procure my accessories and pretty things.

          BTW AVIATION???? Oh honey, I am a 27 year veteran of that hot mess and still struggling. Go with your dream.

          Are you studying to be a pilot? A&P? Please share.
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              dexter0889 Wayfarer
              Thank you so much for the support, its just what I needed.

              And I have been planning since my sophmore year in high school to become a pilot,(hopefully/eventually for UPS or similar), mostly becuase I though tit woould be a fun career that I would enjoy, and the rumor of a pilot shortage b/c of the baby boomers retirining, and of course the "high pay" lol...after many years that is. but its just so expensive to get there and i see the market struggling it has really made me nervous. Which made me take a second look at my business dreams, and so far im eally glad i did.
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              MoveForward Scout

              I understand the concerns of those around you. They simply are concerned because
              they do not feel or see your vision. You hold the passion, they hold your well-being.
              They would not voice there opinon or you would not be listening if the heart was not
              involved (bet one of these people is a parent). I bet Brad Pitts mom felt the same when
              he decided to derail his college path and head to California to persue acting with a
              handful of dollars and a passion.

              You can have your vision for the retail place and continue with aviation. How...


              thinking smart and out-of-the box. Those speaking to you are concerned with the
              money you will pour into this without a return within the current economy, you
              must have a little concern also manifested larger by the comments you are getting.
              The solution....Compromise and think out-of-the box.

              What you want to do is a consignment to retail place, by bringing in local designer
              goods and mixing it with music, all while keeping prices down. PERFECT.

              Now to lower your overhead in doing this and how to assure you will be able to
              study aviation while the store is ran properly. Solution: How about if you network
              with a location that can use you and you can use them! Gas stations always had
              a problem with attracting anyone in to buy anything else, along came a Young Man
              with a gourmet coffee stations and it all began, some now even have Subways
              and Taco Bells in the gas station (networking win/win). For you this would work
              with a Music Shop! I bet music shops within your area can feel the economy pinch
              and would consider clearing a area for you or letting you mix your store within
              there's. They need the foot traffic, you can use their traffic and together you
              have both made this a networking win/win situation! If it works take your concept
              to the next music shop two towns over. Provide this concept within Music Stores

              Work off of consignment bases. For everything you sell you pay the designer, those
              things you do not you return to the designer. I bet in time you will have to have
              strict guidelines for those you work with since a great number will want to work with
              you. Make it hard for them to be worthy of your business, then you will work with
              the best prices and products.

              I would suggest focusing on the top part of your message and including your own
              design work within time so you do not have alot of overhead and you keep your
              business fresh.

              STAY QUITE working on this without getting the word out so others will not steal your

              Listen to those who have an opinon with an open-mind, thank them for their concern
              and then say "You have some good points, thanks for caring, do you have any
              suggestions on how I can advertise this"? (This will throw them off course and begin
              to work with you instead of against you).

              VERY BEST TO YOU>
              Think smart, spend less, go around the hurtles, over the wall and through the
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                RedTieMedia Adventurer

                This is a great idea. I wish only that more people would take the time out to come up with an idea like this in florida. Starting a store that is going to sell stuff created by locals for locals. Its perfect. Not only are you going to be doing something to make yourself money, you are assisting them in getting their name out there and helping them make money.

                If you need a website or advice and even if you want to start getting other artists, desingers, "local" bands from other areas let me know. I would be more than happy to assist you.
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                  dexter0889 Wayfarer
                  And thank you to everyone else who had commented, i just wanted to make sure i wasnt being blinded my my own ambitions. And rest assured i will be back to ask many more questions like where to find product manfactures and web site designing sites and so forth.

                  but again......

                  THANK YOU!