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    Need a little feedback

    gza2121 Newbie
      Hello everyone!
      I have my own Refrigeration/HVAC company and am trying to figure out a way to reach more customers. I am trying to gauge most peoples interest as to whether they would rather deal with our company which is a two man family based operation or one of the larger HVAC companies in the local area. The advantage we provide is I as the owner am personally involved with each job and can charge less without sacrificing quality of work to our customers. I am just looking for a little feedback from people on what preferences they have when the A/C or Heat decides to quit on the hottest/coldest day of the year. What are some of the things most of you would expect form your service provider at such a critical time. Any responses would be greatly appreciated.
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          Analysight Newbie
          According to networking expert Bob Burg, "people do business with, and refer business to, people whom they know, like, and trust." This is true especially in repair and maintenance jobs. When their heat or air conditioning goes out, people do worry about how they'll keep warm or cool, but not quite as much as they worry about the cost to repair. Every consumer knows that when something needs to fixed right away, the repair service commands a premium. And there are so many "fly-by-night" repair people out there, that consumers worry that they'll be ripped off by paying a ton of money for poor workmanship.

          You should try building relationships with homeowners in your geographic area. Get your past customers to tell their friends about you. Have them make the claims you've made - your own personal involvement in each job, high quality, reasonable prices. Consumers are more likely going to believe those claims about your service if their friends make them, rather than if you do. Another way you can build trust and recognition of your HVAC company is if you sent brief information to current and prospective customers. Perhaps every month you send a brief sheet that says something like "10 tips for keeping heating costs down," or "How to make your furnace last at least 10 winters." Doing this on a consistent basis will tell customers and prospects that you care about them, that you want them to save money, and that you're an expert in what you do. This helps build awareness, favorablility, and trust for your service.

          Good luck!

          Alex Caffarini
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            vinod1978 Adventurer

            If I had an emergency situation the biggest thing on my mind would be speed. I would want someone to come to my house and fix my heating and cooling situation as soon as possible but without hefty fees for preferably same-day (or at least next-day) service. I wouldn't market yourself as a 2-person company. Stick with marketing yourself as a "family business" instead. Many people would prefer having the comfort of knowing a large organization is behind the individual making the repairs. The presumption is that larger companies must know what they are doing to stay in business with larger overhead then smaller businesses. Most people would much rather work with "a family corporation" instead of a "2-man business".


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              pkeetch Newbie
              I agree that SPEED would be of the essence, especially in winter. Quality of the job would be my second priority. Cost would be third.

              My first suggestion would be to brainstorm a list of other household services that your customers would also need. Landscapers. Gardeners. Electricians. Plumbers. Etc.

              Then begin to approach those business owners that are similar in business size, style, approach, etc as you are with the the suggestion that you'd love to refer business to them if the opportunity ever arose.

              You could potentially create a community of business owners who serve the same clients (homeowners) in different ways and create a referral network that benefits everyone involved.

              Also, I'd definitely suggest that you ask your happy customers if they could suggest anyone you could contact who might benefit from your services.

              Good luck!

              - Paul
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