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    Stop Ordering Checks From Bank!

    karenH Adventurer
      Check writing and printing software can save user both time and money. And some small business owners even customized their checks to promote their business. Print check from your office/home printer is legal.

      We got a lot of messages from customers with such questions, "What kind of special ink or MICR Toner Cartridges I should use with your check printing software?" The answer is you do not need any special ink. You can just print the checks from you home or office laser printer. Most banks accept checks printed with regular laser print toner. So if you already has a laser printer, you are able print your checks at $0 cost with the free check printing software and the free blank check paper.

      If you google "free check printing software", you will find some. Following is a promotion link for FREE check printing and free blank check paper through TrialPay.

      A jet or dot matrix printer CAN'T be used to print checks on blank check paper!!!