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    Help us with our new business!! (Shoe Line)

    Waleed132 Newbie
      My partner and I have an excellent idea for a new shoe line. We believe we can succeed in this business because its what the market is looking for. Us being young and around fashion at this age you know what teens-middle aged people are looking for. We can succeed in creating a new trend. We need someone to tell us where to go from here. We have to design and colors. Right now we are looking for someone to tell us where we can find a shoe manufacture in the U.S. So we can start creating concepts of our shoe. Also I wanted to know if we need a patent for this design/idea? Also if the manufacture will steal our idea? Guide us to success, Thanks.
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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Who are you?? Go to Members page and share some info.

          How can I contact you and guide you to success??
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            MoveForward Scout

            I have the perfect solution for you but since I am not young
            (by your standards) I am to old to tell you (lol). And I can
            prove I am too old because I had to ask a much younger
            person what lol meant the first time someone put that on
            a email message to me!

            Seriously, here is a the site you need....
            It not only gives you free templates to draw out your plan it
            also has contact information for manufactures. This site
            is also great for clothes designers. Always be careful
            when using any site or talking to anyone not to give out
            to much information.

            My personal opinion go's against the general business


            rule of etiquette for patents, but that rule could have been written prior


            to the internet and fast highway of knowledge. My opionon


            is to forgo the patent both for the cost and time it take to


            get it and even if you do receive a patent it has a limited time,


            it can be tweeked by big buck companies who will find away


            to do it if they like it. BUT if you choose to do a patent


            do this on your own (talk to the lady who created "Spanks"


            she did her patent and saved thousands, find her at her


            website the internet may have articles on her). No matter


            what you do research the name you select and make sure


            it is not copywritten, patent or other and make sure the


            concept does not have a pending patent.


            Stay as quiet as possible with your idea, you may


            want to consider putting your concept together than licensing


            the shoe line to a big box retailer or a name brand clothing


            dealer that markets to your target market (not us old people)


            and the line complements their clothing line and exclusive to


            them. By licensing your shoe line gets on the shelves, they
            make it happen and you receive royalties. DO NOT contact
            a shoe store retailer they can do it and run with your concept!
            ALWAYS have anyone you talk to sign a nondisclosure
            agreement (this protects you).


            Do it quickly and quietly (before you get old). Your energy
            and motivation is refreshing.

            On last thing...when your complete with this shoe line find me
            I have some great ideas for old lady shoes (like black high heels
            with a rainbow of attachable heels!)

            GO FOR IT!
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                Waleed132 Newbie
                Thanks a lot. We visited the site you suggested but we found it wasnt really helpful. We did not find any information about any manufactures. It seemed like the site was trying to get us buy their products instead of helping out.

                **Update** We are still looking for a shoe manufacture in the U.S. My partner and I have visited the Minnesota fashion show for upcoming designers. Many people (most) engourged us to go further with our product because they would love to buy it. Also next week we will be meeting with CEO's of comapnys like TCF Bank, Federal Reserve Bank, StarTec Investments, Dolan Media, Thomson Reuters Legal, Sightline Partners, Baker Tilly and many more.
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                Waleed132 Newbie
                Sorry let me correct my self. We have already made the designs and colors for the shoe. Now we just need to find a manufacture in the U.S. We also have meet with the president from Orman Guidance Research Inc. to find out if the public is interested in. Help us with gudiance, Thanks
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                  paperbag4u Newbie
                  firstly, you should calculate your cost, and then you should find ways how to start business and where you can get business. finally, you can how to operate it smoothly-
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                    how did you find a business partner?