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    Any Ideas on penetrating the market???

    oneezbiz02 Newbie
      I'm a new small business owner and I'm very excited about the opportunity that was offered to me. A little about my background, I'm in the telecommunications field working as a service technician. Recently I was able to take advantage of a great opportunity to leverage my time and earn an extra income.

      Im very excited becuase I found a business that is very lucretive in its return and there's virtually no competition in the marketplace for this service. I'm an Independent Broker of a company that markets life events legal service plans. When some is interested I simply explain that it does for your attorney fees and legal issues what your healthcare does for your doctor bills and medical issues. We live in a very litigious society where everyone sues everyone and no one and no business should be without it. Its a great service for everyone to have single people, family, and small business alike. Personally I've found that like health and auto insurance its not IF you need it its WHEN you need it.

      The problem that I run into is that I would like to penetrate the marketplace hard and get the work out about the service offered. I would like to get ideas from any and everyone on how to penetrate and network the marketplace on the service.

      If you would like to see a short video on the membership the link is below. Also if you see a benifit for yourself and/or your business and would like more info or to sign up my website is below. Thank you everyone for your support

      Lorenzo Corey McCant
      Independent Business Associate

      Membership Video-

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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Ideas on penetrating the market, Welcome Lorenzo

          YES, I will check out your website. Suggestion: Go to Members page and share some info.

          Have you developed a marketing plan yet??

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            dedicated Newbie
            I offer accounting services for real estate investors, so I'm part of the local real estate club. They have a person selling prepaid legal services at every club meeting. real estate investors always need legal advise and prepaid legal low cost for newbies.
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              pkeetch Newbie
              The key for this or any other market is to really understand who your prospect is, what frustrates them and what they dream of for the future.

              I would suggest starting this process by taking out a blank sheet of paper and creating three columns:
              1. Attributes & Characteristic
              2. Fears & Frustrations
              3. Dreams for the Future
              Start by listing all the actual charactertistics you can think of about your prospective customer - gender, age, geographic location, income, etc. Then brainstorm what bothers them, what keeps them up at night, what bugs the heck out of them. Finally, what do they want the future to look like? If they could wave a magic wand and creat their perfect life, what would that look like?

              You need to really get into the mind of your prospect to find out what conversation is ALREADY going on inside their head... then you want to position your opportunity in relation to that conversation.

              Too many marketers try to dominate their prospect. I prefer to be a co-conspirator with them, helping them get what they want instead of trying to get what I want all the time.

              Hope this helps.

              - Paul

              P.S. If you have additional marketing questions, feel free to submit them to me at