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    Iwrite-studio 525-DomainDiva

    sirvonron Newbie
      Iwrite, studio 525 and DomainDiva. Are these names really all the same person? Or two people? Or three? Does anyone know? Sometimes it takes them a month to find a comment with which they want to respond, but then they all respond the same day and then to each other with the same opinion. Not that there is anything wrong with a person or persons having that much time on his and her hands. Or is there?
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          DomainDiva Ranger
          First of all I am an individual. I have a crazy work schedule.

          I resent the implication that I am an imposter, I have been a member of this board since its' inception (or nearly).

          Second. I sort of follow IWrites posts as I can choose discussions that MAY be of interest to me.

          Third. You are something else....decorum prevents me from stating the obvious.

          Fourth. IWrite and I are business colleagues as well as friends. We met after some 'dust ups' between us on the forum.

          Fifth. How dare you????? It's none of your business how people complement each other in a public forum. My contact info is on my profile, if you wish to make an 'issue' of this.

          Sixth: I am not the one writing War and Peace when I wish to make a point.

          Seventh: Check yourself.
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            puzzleman Tracker
            Sirvonron, Before you call someone out, identify yourself. I read the post from Domain Diva and Iwrite because those posts don't have personal attacks. But rather have good information.

            I don't write much on this forum due to all of the "I need help" and "Free Money" posts.

            Before you cast stones, identify yourself. (or are you doubling as another person on this site?)

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              Iwrite Pioneer

              Thank you for your concern. I am indeed me. What would you like to know about me? How may I assist you?

              I am going to do more than what I usually do and explain why I don't respond on a daily basis. The answer is really quite simple: I am busy. I wish I could read this daily and respond regularly but I have work to do. So, when I see something that I am interested in participating in, I do. Is there a problem that I agree with others and not you? Don't worry, I disagree with a lot of folks, I'm not singling you out.

              Let me know if there is anything else I can do for you.

              Iwrite (derek)