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    Small Ad Agency in NYC: sCorp or LLC?

    jungleNYC Newbie
      Hey guys!

      First of all, hello!

      I'm a guy who essentially being FORCED to become "a business" due to all the work I'm suddenly getting. No, not a bad problem to have.

      I'm a One Man Show, currently, and hire freelancers for all my jobs, big and small. And I work out of my home office.

      However, after all my research, I'm still a bit confused as to which entity I should "be".

      I'm aware of most of the differences, down to the fact that an LLC can be pretty much all the things an sCorp can be... but without the "stock holder / dividend mechanism".

      And although an LLC is simpler tax-wise (to file, to keep records, etc) I'm concerned that that "stock holder / dividend mechanism" is a pretty important thing, money-wise.

      I will gladly become a master bookkeeper if it means an sCorp is the better, more lucrative way to go.

      Anyone have any ideas?

      Thanks in advance!