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    Need help drawing up my business plan

    jburns Wayfarer

      Can anyone help me write up my small business plan idea? or at the least give me some leads?
      Looking for some low cost help.

      I have a general idea of what I want, but need something more professional wrtten up for my presentation.
      This plan will be used to alocate start up capital and operational funds.
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          wordperfect Scout

          Hello, I faced this situation some 5 or so years back, with the added disadvantage that I am in an non English speaking country.


          My solution was to GOOGLE, i forget the key words now, but something like "how to write a business plan" should yield a fair amount of info. I recall I found a template which set me off on the right track, eventually I amended it, but it was a good start point.


          I am not sure if I am allowed to do this, soon see if my post is deleted but there is a person here who has a site that gives an excellent outline to writing a biz plan.Can't recall his web address but I think he goes by the name of Solo or Solo something, maybe The Solo Guide or Guard... anyway he is def a SOLO so a search here should find him.


          Let me know if you have problems.


          Good luck
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            I do have a free page on my site that gives the outline for a business plan and what you want to take into consideration when creating it. Here is the link:




            Let me know if you have questions after reviewing it.


            Realize that there isn't one standard format. You will find slight variations if you search on other business plans, but what I have listed on my site covers all the bases that you will need for securing funds from an outside investor or lending institution.


            When you are done with your plan, I highly recommend that you have a pro look it over before you take it "to the bank". You want to come in with a solid plan from the start. A pro may see holes in your plan and may have other insight into your business and target market that you are simply unaware of. Contact me back when you are done with your plan.


            Wordperfect, thanks for the recommendation.


            Hope this helps.


            Doug Dolan


            The Solopreneur's Guide


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              AndrewRSA Wayfarer
              If you'd like a set of fresh eyes to help you with the plan, I'm happy to talk. Remember that the important thing is to have a well thought out plan, not just a nicely polished document. For that, the template-approach that's widely available online just won't suffice. Best of luck!

              Andrew Levinson
              Managing Director
              Riverside Strategic Advisors LLC