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    Identifying if a website has a search engine penalty?

    bulletproof Newbie
      One page of my website pages ranks quite well for a few phases

      but another one doesn't rank anywhere at all

      I haven't done anything special to either page so I can't figure out why one ranks where it does and the other doesn't rank anywhere at all.

      Any help appreciated.
        • Re: Identifying if a website has a search engine penalty?
          knowhosting Wayfarer
          I was trying to check your pages but your website would not load for me. So, I'm sorry but I cannot tell you anything specific.

          Regarding your website penalty - if a search engine was blocking your website, it would remove your entire website and not just one page of your website. So, the fact that one page is doing better than another is likely just because one page has more relevant text or just happens to be more popular of an item. It also could be that it is a newer page or you updated it more often than your other page. But don't worry, the search is not blocking just one page :)


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