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    Unusual Question?

    Anpadh Newbie
      I am in a slightly weird situation (from my perspective). I incorporated my business a few months ago. I don't have many clients yet. I talked to several big banks (similar to Bank of America, in financial strength). Here's the odd thing. I was upfront with the banks. I did not hold back any information (being laid off from my full-time job and working only part-time, not having much in savings, etc). I did not exaggerate anything (I never said I had hundreds of clients or millions of dollars in contracts or equipment, etc). I merely laid out my idea (the services I would offer) in clear and simple terms. It took about 20 minutes. And now, at least one of these banks has offered me a $10,000.00 line of credit, on a business credit card. Interest rate is zero. Annual fee is zero.

      And yet, everyone whom I trust says that I should politely decline what seems to me an outstanding offer. I cannot understand the logic behind the advice. Can anyone explain?
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          countryboy Wayfarer
          I not sure but I think They may have bast it on your credit and looking to bank roll . kind odd at the least . I would check it out real close read all the fine print.
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            MoveForward Scout

            STOP and speak to two people.

            First contact Clark Howard advisior (it is free)
   they also have online
            suggestions that may guide you (HE knows about
            ripe-off scams).

            Second..Talk to a business tax person, this
            may cost you more than you think.


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              LUCKIEST Guide
              Unusual Question

              Talk to your lawyer.
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                  Partnership Adventurer

                  I have what perhaps may be an unusual question as well. My postings on this forum have continued to be deleted for some unknown reason.
                  Could it be the administrator having poor judgement. My postings without question abide by the rules and are in no way any different than
                  other postings on this forum. I am asking you because it appears that you have been member for sometime providing tons of advice.

                  I would'nt be surprised if this question was deleted as well, I just attempted to ask the same question to the administrator and it was deleted.

                  I am only trying to help people by reaching out and offering opportunities to be business owners. I've just deleted my profile information out
                  of frustration and merely seek closure. I realize it could be a frustrated administrator as well over me asking the question as they decided not to answer.

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                      LUCKIEST Guide
                      Partnership, No question is unusual.

                      Many of us have posted answers that do not get posted. WHY??
                      My guess. A word that triggers not getting posted. Maybe all CAPITALS??
                      They (who ever they are) have forum tips on the upper right.

                      Many times a simple answer DOES NOT get posted. Sometimes a longer post does get posted.

                      Will this get posted?? Don't give up. Keep trying, LUCKIEST
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