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    Small Package Service Auditing

    matt1468 Wayfarer

      My company, Shipment Trackers, Inc. provides service auditing for small package shipping. If you spend at least $75,000 each year on small package shipping, STI can save you money by identifying areas of cost recovery. UPS and FedEx both raise their base rates an average of 4-6% each year plus they add multiple surcharges to your shipments. Shipment Trackers works quietly behind the scenes finding late deliveries, undelivered packages and billing errors. STI then files for these guaranteed service refunds on your behalf and only charge for our service when a refund is credited. At STI we do not require a contract so you can try our service for as long as you like and cancel at any time. Our service is very simple to use, can be set up in minutes and the results are like "found money". For more information, please contact me at