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    Wan to open a Kiosk

    rabzee Newbie
      i am a homemaker and usually stays home. but now i want to work. i want to open my kiosk . can anybody tell me how much capital do i need to start that?
      and do i need a business Licence?
      and lastly what inventory should i go for....I was thinking of Belts or Gift items .Any advise would be highly appreciated.
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          ComHall Wayfarer
          The capital needed will depend on the location Leased, Supplies, Inventory, and so much more, suggestion is to start off with a buisness plan, find the product and costing, in all cases a Buisness licence, and resale permit from your state will be required, need to pay them taxes you collect... as far as what product find someting you like and believe in...

          Best wishes
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              rabzee Newbie
              i m in Los Angeles Ca, actually in west. i dont have much investment as i dont work. I m on Spouse visa here and i have ITIN but no SSN. so does that mean that i ill not be able to do business as no SSN ?????
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                  amspcs Ranger
                  Without SSN, you won't be able to get a merchant account, so I can't see how you'd possible
                  make it in today's market on a cash only basis (again depending on your product line).
                  What really scares me is your comment about lack of much investment, meaning you don't have
                  cash. Beware that in my line of work over the years I've seen untold hundreds of businesses open up and fail. #1 reason: lack of sufficient funding to get them over the hump. Seems like everyone expects their new business to hit the road running full speed from day one--unfortunately 99% of them find out that never happens, the money soon runs out, and the business adventure ends. Very sad. My advise to you is to
                  (a) do your homework to project out how much funding you'll realistically need to fund your business yourself out of pocket for at least two years, and don't even think about starting up until you save or gain access to that amount. Hate to kill your dream, but times are very tough and I don't want to see you get off on wrong foot.