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    Commercial Cleaning

    juju82 Newbie
      Hi everyone i have a cleaning company that mainly deals in residential cleaning but would like to break into the commercial end of the business i have a home office and would like to add an appointment setter or telemarketer to reach out to offices in and around my area. Does anyone work with someone else at there home and if they do did you have trouble finding an employee that is willing to work out of your home vs a traditional office?
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          MoveForward Scout

          I started out working out of my home office (the dining room
          was transformed into an office). Approx. 2 years later I brought
          in an administrative person, I too was concerned with the home
          concept. My first concern was the image and professional look,
          my second concern was with restroom needs and this person
          being free within my home space. I quickly learned my great
          number of app's came from Mom's so I turned around the hours
          I would need them and made sure they would work with a Mom's
          schedule. What I learned was by finding a person who was not
          wrapped-up in the image and simply wanted to work it was all
          fine. When I started to grow I had 4 sales reps who would come
          to my kitchen table (make-shift conference room) one a week
          for two hours, admin. person and in time I added an assistant.
          The best part is the balance we all had. They simply take off
          when they need too, work around each other schedule and
          know the boundry lines.

          In time we moved into our first office, and now have satelite offices
          but I still feel the home office was the best for all of us (less
          stuffy feeling).

          If you are still concerned you may want to promote the email


          system as your appointement setting and a answering service.


          For telemarketing you may want to consider a commission base.


          Giving all who want to work for you a list of suggested companies


          and allowing them to contact others on their own. Give them


          a cell phone with the list and pay them based on the appointments


          they set, not by the hour or per call.


          Good Luck
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Commercial Cleaning, Welcome

            Who are you?? Where are you?? Go to Members page and share some info.

            How long have you been in business?? Finding someone to work with you in your home should be easy.

            tell us more.
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              Yellowcaret Newbie
              Try outsourcing, call me up as I am pretty sure that we can help you!

              Andrew Leech