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    Card Processing Solutions

      I need a very good company to process credit cards; since we are basically in the travel industry, I need a copy who will accept us...any ideas?
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          webneeds Adventurer
          To accept and process Credit Cards there are many ways, The best way to do is to have a website integrated with a payment gateway to accept credit cards of any types Visa, Master, Amex etc. We are specialized in setting up Payment Gateways specifically for Travel Industry .
          Pls contact us for more details at , Our rates are very affordable.
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            visuals4u Adventurer
            Consider,, or your business bank.

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                amspcs Ranger
                I have to question La' Shon's advise a little bit.

       is a gateway, NOT a credit card processor. You'll still need a merchant account to link to it.
                And that will be a challenge, being in the travel industry.

                Buyer is not a processor only. They are one of those 'find the best deal' comparative sites. They'll lead you to dozens of processing suitors all of whom will play the 'my rate is the lowest' rate game, a game the poor merchant loses every time.

                And about the local bank: As we've preached for years, going to your local bank is a good idea only if the merchant absolutely insists of paying the maximum amount possible for their electronic payment services.
                That's because, in almost every instance, the local bank is not a processor, but merely a referrer to a third party processor, which only serves to add an additional unnecessary middleman to the pricing equation in the form of the referral piece of the action the bank gets..

                Better idea: Go directly to the processor yourself. Get a referral from other satisfied businesspeople in your acquaintance, or your accountant, or someone you trust.

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                visuals4u Adventurer

                I agree with some of amspcs's comments. Just found this info on Google Answers. Perhaps this is more of what you may be looking for; "According to the GSQ 2005 annual report, a leading source specializing in tracking this industry, the following companies are listed as "the top 5.":

                1) First Data
                2) Chase Paymentech Solutions
                3) BA Merchant Services
                4) Fifth Third Bank Processing Solutions
                5) NOVA Information Systems"
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                  saumie Wayfarer
                  Well, once again, amspcs has responded very appropriately here. Let me say this to you first of all...unfortunately for you, the travel business you are in is considered to be "high risk" in the credit card processing industry. Consequently, you need to be that much more educated before you take the plunge with any company. You can get a very thorough education with my ebook on the topic, that can be found on my website at . My site is educational in nature and is not a site attempting to solicit your credit card processing business. I'm semi-retired and, quite frankly, I'm slowing down quite a bit lately and only handling existing merchants and referrals as they come in. And, for January and February, I'll be in Costa Rica and won't be doing any business at all. Let me know if you have any questions.