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    new marketing company and could use some help.

    jas737 Newbie
      I am trying to get this new marketing company off the ground, But i could use some help working out the small things.... The bases of the company is lager company's helping small company's get work with out going looking for it.. I have a lager list of company's that are willing to try this out, And i also have a very large list of small company that need the work and help. The one thing i am haveing a lager problem with now, Is trying to market my company in the right way with the larger company's.
      The lay out of the company it this. There are some very large company's in my area that have a very lager work load, So they spend a lot of time finding smaller company's that have all of the right qualification and needed paper work and man power to help them with there jobs. So what i am trying to do is give the lager company's tow or three small local company's that have all of the qualifications. so how do i keep growing this to lager company's with at trying to look like i am imposin???
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          businessSIR Adventurer
          One thing you might want to consider is which way you want to start marketing. Do you want to approach the larger companies and show them how the small companies will help them increase production? Or do you want to go to the small companies and show them how to approach the big companies for contracts? With that question solved you then want to look at how to best accomplish that. How do you get the attention of a big firm? Well there is the old fashioned way of calling in an appointment with their head of operations. One thing you can also try is to put together a package including material on your company and what it does and sending it to the operations manager or even the C.E.O anyone who handles business to business at the firm.

          Now if you want to target the small businesses you need to find a group of them such as this online community or a local chamber of commerce and see about getting your business on it. I know it can cost money up front but trust me it will be worth it from the connections you make. Also try going to trade shows and conventions where businesses have booths set up and people willing to work with other businesses and pitch your idea.

          If you go to my site i have a market research tab you can click on and it will give a small summary on market research and a link to a fantastic market research site. If you need any more help you can also email me at The website and my advice is free and all business concerns are strictly confidential. Good luck.