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    Catchy Ideas For Yard Signs

    prepressjohn Newbie
      Hey everyone! I currently run a
      company and am having some trouble wording my own advertising to the
      public. The type of business i am in requires me to make various signs
      for companies just starting up and giving them a professional and clean

      I am thinking of something along the lines of a sign
      saying "Is your business going in the ground?" then having some other
      catchy advertising words after that along with my phone number.

      Basically it has to get the message
      across to advertise by getting signs and vehicle lettering done for businesses. My target market is small existing or new businesses.
      people only have a split second to glance at the signs as they are at
      traffic lights ect so there can't be too much on it but i would like to
      make an impact at the same time.

      I was thinking of having this on a yard sign which
      would be appropriate IMO for the time of year (Halloween) and related
      to businesses closing down due to no advertising.

      Thanks so much and any ideas would be helpful!