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    new idea

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      hey i have owned a swimming pools company for years.. i have just sold off the company a few months back, do to my partner. i have had a lot of people that i shave done work with in the past start coming to me asking me to help them get set up with other good companys like the one i had. no wi have been giving these some very long and hard thinking. how can i turn these people in to my new line of work. i was thinking that i could get some old workers and find some new ones, then start up a advertising company for contractors. i just dont know if there is a way that i can make this work and work right. i know most of all the companys in my area that have a lot of work going on, and most of them could us help by good working companys that have all of there paper work right.
      does these sound like i have something here that could work or is it just a long shot in the dark???