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    we are so slow, not enough work,,any ideas ?

    montecino Newbie
      we been in bussnes for about 7 years we are lic and bonded but for some reason we just dont come ahead i do one step forward and trhee back, any ideas
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          No offense intended, but the extremely generic post leaves little opportunity for anyone to provide you with specific help to cure the root of your problems.


          You have been in business for 7 years. Has your business drastically changed within the last year after having a six year successful run? Welcome to the problem that most companies are having especially being in the construction business.


          Does your business have a particular focus or specialty? New builds or improvements? Commercial or residential? Do you partner with insurance companies that need fixes for damaged structures?


          I could go on with a million questions. But if you could give some more detail about what you are currently doing and what has changed in the success of your business, then I think you will find that more pros here will be willing to give you valuable advice.


          All the Best,


          Doug Dolan


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            vinod1978 Adventurer

            I know that the economy has reduced sales numbers for many industries, and obviously any industry directly related to the housing market, such as yours, may loose a part of their customer base. This does not mean you can not succeed. It simply means that you may have to change your business plan and marketing strategies. Do you target individual homes or businesses that need your plumbing services? This information is necessary in preparing any information in regards to your marketing campaign.

            Are your competitors able to find business? Have you completed some local research? Is the lack of business directly related to the housing market in California or are people simply calling other plumbing companies? You can call up some of your competitors and ask what appointments they have for the very near future. If you call many of your competitors and they are all able to send someone for an in-house appointment within 24-48 hours, then it is reasonable to assume that the local market itself has run out of sales. If this is the case, are there any other services that you could offer without adding extra labor or start up costs to help you succeed during these tough economic times? If you are unable to book an appointment for 2+ days then it is reasonable to assume that your competitors are responding to customer requests and they have business. The question then lies why are you not getting the plumbing business. Is it because customers simply don't know about your company? Are your prices competitive? Are there business partnerships that your competitors have that you are not aware of?

            Are there local hardware stores in your area? Have you tried talking to the store manager and asking for a partnership on a referral commission basis? They could recommend your plumbing services, and you could pay them a percentage of each sale they help facilitate. Have you talked to any Home inspection companies? Maybe they have clients that need plumbing work and they could also recommend your services to their existing client base for a commission based fee. Try to build partnerships in your local area with businesses that don't directly compete with you but are in a position to offer your services to their existing customer base.

            If you find that there is enough business in California, however you are simply not getting any requests from customers then local television advertising is your key to obtaining more business.
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              countryboy Wayfarer
              Some time it not finding the work. But how your locking for it. The dumbest thing can make a big diffracts
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                countryboy Wayfarer
                You might try. Taking a step back and look at what you are doing and the company are as well .Think out side the box can work very well.