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    Thank you for your responses here is the answers to your ?'s

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      Thank you for your responses

      First I am targeting 14-19 teenagers most of the jobs are for 18 to 19 but as a mother of 5 my 14 year old came home with a work permit here in CO for 8 hours a week during the school year. I called the school and the counselor said that she had no idea who in our community would hire 14 yr olds she did not have a list so he went to our little mom and pop grocery store and they hired him to be a bag boy. When he got the job of course his friends that were making good grades also wanted to get a job so a couple of mothers and me started talking to businesses and found out that most do not hire 14 yr olds to do major things like cashier, customer service but they do hire kids to mow their lawns,shovel the sidewalks and some even hire to stock shelves. This is where we started thinking about a website to help these teen that are usually maybe hanging out somewhere they should not be to spend there time more productive. Volunteer positions are what we would really like to list on our site for the younger group. We ask them what would they like to pursue as a career we recently helped a teenager start volunteering at a shelter she wants to become a veterinarian this is great because instead of wasting her time in retail she is starting at 15 to get into a field that she wants to pursue. Her resume for future jobs that hire 18 and 19 year old will be great knowing that she has pursued this field since 15 and also for college the education and experience she receives will help her in so many ways.

      I don't understand why you think I am in Canada is there a reason? because I really need to change whatever that is.
      I am only in the United States for now.

      As for the coupons for teens what is that was the question?
      As a mother of 5 my teens know who is having a sale, when it is happening, they know more about nikes, ipod, cellphones, skate shoes, snowboards, heck my teenager got a laptop for $230.00 at best buy
      the day after Thanksgiving a laptop for $200.00 and a digital camera for $150.00 him and some friends went and stood in line they knew that a minimum of 20 tickets were to be given away for these items they were numbers 15-20 I would have never known
      this their mothers would have never known this.
      The mothers and I took turns looking after them.
      What the person that asked this question needs to understand word of mouth traveling through teenagers travels a lot faster then the internet trust me on this one. If there is a sale on skate shoes my teenagers friends know from CO to CA to their friends in Maine.
      Please keep the comments coming we need honesty when starting this yes I am up and running but I need to know where I can improve.