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    Starting my business

    cookielove Wayfarer
      Hello everyone, I need some help in making a decision in starting my business (which is my dream) I'm working on opening a Boutique and at this time I really can't get into a building, even though I have a building back home that I can use but I'm not living back home. I live 3 hours away from my home town. I just don't feel that I should open my business back at home and trust someone else to run it for me. I'm strongly thinking about having a full service web site for my boutique and just really push the web site hard. I do work full time, but hoping and praying that my dream get to flowing good and I can stop my full time job. Could you guys give me some feed back here. I;m very excited about this online idea and it really sounds great... I know some of you have been there and can give helpful advice. Thank you
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          MoveForward Scout

          What type of boutique? Is this women's line, children, bridal, cookie or other?

          This will help us put you in the right direction.

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              DennisGibson Newbie
              yeah, who are your targeted niche? Let us know so we would help you further .. :)


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                  MoveForward Scout

                  DennisGibson...little confused by your question, but to answer you
                  it took years to figure out how to reach my target market. When I
                  started in 1977 my goal was to reach everyone, spend money on
                  billboards, mailouts, shopping center booths, newspaper and I must
                  have dropped thousands in Phone Book ads (back then the bigger
                  the phone ad the better, we did not have internet).

                  What I learned was all this was pointless. Direct marketing, bu
                  targeting those who will benefit from my business is
                  the best way to go, my best advice is to use marketing dollars
                  with year in advance in mind. Another word...if your a Realtor use
                  your marketing dollars for an ad in the High School year book,
                  College football game billboard, Sponsor an annual Senior event,etc.
                  those youth will become comfortable and familar with your name over the
                  years. Then in time you will be the first they contact when they need
                  a realtor (they feel like they know you by then). Keep the marketing
                  circle not for the moment but for the future business.

                  If she is planning on opening a Cookie Boutique, then visit every


                  office with samples. If she is opening a Children's Clothing Boutique,
                  then be present at every school festival and offer to have a fun fashion
                  show, door prize that is displayed, booth.


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                  cookielove Wayfarer
                  Women cloths, purses and jewelry
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                  Can you define for us what type of boutique you plan on starting?


                  I do "potentially" like the idea of having your business solely online - depending on the type of boutique you plan on opening. Some items sell better when people can physically interact with them than trying to make a decision based upon a photo, video or write up. You can overcome this in some cases through effective marketing campaigns.


                  I agree with Move Forward regarding the marketing strategies. I am a big fan of active marketing versus passive marketing. I used to own a restaurant and had far greater success earning business, getting immediate customer feedback and building relationships when I did food fares, charity events and took samples to different businesses (active marketing) versus putting ads in the paper, in the phone book, and other print media hoping that someone would see my ad and take action (passive advertising).


                  I recommend that you start by creating a business plan and doing your research required to complete your business plan.


                  Following is a link to the Planning page on my site that gives free info on how to develop a business plan:




                  If you have questions after reviewing this, please let me know.


                  Hope this helps and good luck.


                  Doug Dolan


                  The Solopreneur's Guide


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                    mackorock Wayfarer
                    Here is what I can tell you.

                    I myself own a small software company, we design websites (we never designed a website for boutique tho). But with my experience what i can tell is that you can try out by putting up a website and keep a track of the # views (Traffic) on your website (Google Analytics), but designing a website will cost you a bit. To get started you can probably start with a basic website which would cost you somewhere in between $500 to $1000.
                    However, there is no harm in trying out. Business is all about thinking out of the box.