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    Candidates as Customers?

    HirePro Newbie

      The best advertising/branding is word of mouth for most small businesses. It is free and travels more than PR or any type of formal advertising.
      However, when a small business is hiring, most forget that each and every person who applies (qualified or not) is either a potential brand ambassador or brand detractor. How you treat each candidate can either provide you great word of mouth advertising or exactly the opposite.

      Consider these statistics:
      25% of job seekers say they were badly treated by a prospective employer.
      53% say they will not purchase products or services from a company if they've been badly treated.
      55% will tell at least 3 people of their bad experience.
      49% report that lack of response (not knowing where they stand) is the most annoying part of the recruitment process.

      So the question has to be asked in this economy (where applications for positions are up 200% due to high unemployment) "do you treat your candidates as customers?"
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          Iwrite Pioneer
          Don't forget employees! Do you really know what your employees are telling friends and family about working for your business, your product and how you treat them? Simply because they are showing up, doing the job and collecting a check does not mean they are a fan of you and your business.
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              HirePro Newbie
              Amen! How many employees out there today are being given the "you are lucky to have a job" treatment by their employers? I had this experience in early 2001 when the industry crashed - I stayed employed but was under constant threat by my management team that I was easily replaceable in that economy.
              I left the minute I got another job offer and have not ONCE spoken well about that company in public.
              Great point.