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    Save Money by Outsourcing your Social Media Marketing

    franklinb Adventurer
      I am not a big proponent of outsourcing jobs, but in this bad economy there
      are some limited functions that should be outsourced. I am not talking
      about taking down your customer service department and sending it all
      to overseas phone rooms. However, when it comes to internet marketing
      functions outsourcing is a viable solution.

      If you are a business owner wanting to expand your online commerce and
      sales, and if you are trying to do this through conventional US based
      web promotion and seo type companies, you know how extremely expensive
      this process has become. Even hiring proven pros to work at your
      company to do this is not cost effective at all.

      Further, if your business group or board has determined that social media marketing may be necessary to accomplish your online marketing goals, then this recommendation is for you.


      They specialize in marketing and social media promotions, using their
      trained professional staff in the office there in the Phillipines.
      Generally this service costs about $5 per hour for each hired employee. These
      people do know internet marketing and social media marketing
      techniques. They will perform this service for you in exactly the way
      you specify.

      After visiting their site and interviewing with their experts, you will have a very good idea of how your company should proceed. 123Employee will get the best job done at the lowest possible cost, and it will be done by people who do internet marketing and social media work every day.

      Have you obtained a bid recently from a marketing and media company in
      the US specializing in social media promotions? I will just bet the
      cost is way more than $5 an hour for each assigned employee working on
      your account. Unless you have trained staff right in your business core
      that can do this important work for you, then you might want to just
      listen to the presentation and determine if this kind of unique
      outsourcing will work for your business.


      The guy who founded this company is someone I have great respect for. He
      is a man of action and customer satisfaction is his big deal every day.
      His name is Daven Michaels, and he is often featured on the site during
      the presentation. He realized standard outsourcing channels was a
      cumbersome business, while internet marketing and social media
      marketing is highly specialized and targeted activity. Young people are
      very adept in this sector of internet business. Daven has the employees
      who know the business and after they get to know you and your business,
      the work will get done right.