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    Open an online store

    jeaninedilon8 Newbie

      I have a small bussiness and I am looking for an affordable way of building a website where I can sell my products online. Right now I do some craft shows during the year and I sell to some local Boutique, but , in order to keep going with the bussiness, I do need to increase my sells as much as possible and being able to sell online can be a good soplutionm. But , moneywise, I am not prepair to pay a nice company to build the site with shopping cart...
      I was just about to give up when I found community...
      Does anybody have an oppinion that can help me on this subject , so I can go to another step in my bussiness?
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          webneeds Adventurer
          For small business like yours operating on a minimal budget , our ecommerce solution is the best in terms of money and quality, Moreover our store is search engine friendly being a full service web design and development company in Newjersey we will take care of all from web design to Web hosting to Web marketing.

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            vinod1978 Adventurer
            One thing to remember is that most hosting solutions offer integrated solutions with merchant accounts. This means you don't have to pay a web developer to create a shopping cart from scratch. First find out what hosting solutions support your merchant account without any real programming. Most hosting solutions are similar and the biggest feature to you would be to have an e-commerce solution without the programing. Then your web developer costs should be around $1,000 or less. If you are looking for something cheaper you can find developers under the $1,000 price range as well as there are developers outside the US with very low prices, however as in everything in life - you get what you pay for...

            Whether or not you have a true e-commerce solution should not prevent you from having a website and taking payments. There are services like Paypal and Google checkout that can be integrated in your site, obviously having an a truly integrated solution would be the best option it is not necessary if you can't afford it in the beginning.

            Good Luck!

            Vinod Tonangi
            Tonangi Media

            Video Production and Advertising for Small businesses
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                amspcs Ranger
                With all due respect, a couple of statements in this post are borderline inaccurate and I think only add to the
                confusion and misconceptions that abound regarding ecommerce sites.


                "most hosting solutions offer integrated solutions with merchant accounts" I have never found this to be the case in my many years in the processing industry. First of all, so-called integrated solutions are almost always a big mistake because they lock the merchant into non-interchangable solutions which by design cost much more than they should. Secondly, all the necessary components of an ecommerce site, (a) merchant account (b) payment gateway and (c) shopping cart, all all available as dependable and affordable third party solutions that require no appreciable programming effort or compatibility issues with the web hoster.

                "First find out what hosting solutions support your merchant account ..." . Compatibilityi between web hoster and merchant account is a non-issue because the website links with the payment gateway, not the merchant account. The only compatibility issue involved is between the merchant account provider and the gateway provider. This is hardly ever a problem if you deal with the mainstream providers of the processing industry. Of course, if you deal with "brand X" providers (which you should not) that's a different story.


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                MoveForward Scout
                Hi...I suggest looking at Etsy! This was rated the number
                one site for homemade craftsmen by Good Morning America
                Television Show. The site gives you your own person web page
                and you sell from this, you give only two percent of the sale
                to the site (they work on volumne sales). As a bonus
                you will have a network of individuals who are also craftsmen
                to network with and blog with.

                The site is www.etsy (I had to look it up, for whatever reason
                the name always gets me!).

                Another option is looking into HOMESTEAD TEMPLATES.

                Best to you
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                  heather24 Adventurer

                  Get your website hosted at free of cost using Microsoft Small Business Services.

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                    malena Adventurer



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                      tienph Wayfarer
                      Hi Jeaninedilon8,
                      I have just taken a look at you topic and our e-commerce company can help you do it.
                      But can you tell me which products you want to sell? Because, we have
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