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      I know of a gas station owner in South Jersey who has been running a location for about 20 years. The gas station was first Mobil, years later Mobil sold hundreds of sites to other oil companies collectively. The station for the past 6 years has been a Lukoil Franchise. Ever since Lukoil came in the business has been doing very poorly, however the owner is still running it without loss. Majority of Lukoils in South Jersey have been abandoned by their owners due to losses. However, this site remained open always.

      Ever since the Mobil days this location was a NNN lease property and the Oil company was the tenant. The owner paid a monthly rent as stated in the franchise agreement. Unfortunately now he has heard some bad news. Through some sources he found out that the property was bought by someone who owns several private gas stations in South Jersey.

      The owner knows the person who bought the property of his gas station, and he said that the new land owner wants to make his own station there (own brand, no Lukoil). The new land owner said he bought the property for some amount and paid Lukoil some amount to buy out the remaining years of their lease. Now the owner has a franchise lease until March 2010, so he is assuming he will be there until then. When we questioned Lukoil about this, they claimed that they had no knowledge of this (basically denying it).

      Now the owner has been there for 20 years, can he be kicked out this easily? Would the recently passed First right of refusal act help him out?