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    staffing agency

    yelisa17 Newbie

      I'm in the process of starting a nursing staffing agency, I just finish my brochures business cards and letters to send to different nursing homes. Any suggestion on how to proceed next, because I'm clueless. Please help.
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          Intelicapital Adventurer
          It is important to have someone you can count on to be there for your company when your payroll reaches a certain point (if you do a lot of temporary hourly.) Click our profile for additional information. Thanks and good luck on your new staffing business. Healthcare is THE field to be in right now. I also can recommend a good solution if you intent to outsource your payroll and Time & Attendance.


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            mackorock Wayfarer
            Use akken, check

            this is CRM software that allows you to manage your front end and backend office. In your case, this would a great fit.

            take it, if you like it.

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              ITpartner Wayfarer
              Hope that you have a business plan that will guide to next steps. If you were about to send your marketing collateral, then you should follow your marketing strategy outlined in the plan. To better manage your marketing, you can use Customer relationship management software such as or Microsoft Dynamics CRM that will help you to keep track of your communications with your network of prospects, customers, employees and partners etc., This will give you a good view of what's going on with the people that you interact so you can take the appropriate action. You can sign up with accounting & payroll services. Bank of America offers Easy online payroll or you can outsource this to a firm like ADP etc., If you deal with documents a lot, then you may need a content management solutions such as a Microsoft Share point services. But before you select a technology, identify what your short and long term business goals are and then consult with someone who can help you to meet your needs. If you need any further help, please contact us at 646 259-3565 or send us an email to
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                kyleg455 Wayfarer
                Find away to meet the CEO's or any others in the upper management. Tell them what you offer and why yours is better than others. Don't waste your time talking to people who don't make decisions. Good luck!
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                  LUCKIEST Guide
                  staffing agency, Welcome and good luck

                  How can I help. I own and ran a staffing agency in New York.

                  Best suggestion is a business plan. The plan is like a road map to success.

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                    cutcomp Wayfarer
                    You will need to get Workers Compensation insurance. In most (but not all) states this is obtained from an insurance company. A few states maintain state funds, either in competition with insurers or, in a few states, a monopoly state fund which is the only source of WC coverage in those states (Ohio, Washington, Wyoming are monopoly states).

                    Staffing companies generally have to provide the WC on the workers they provide (even if those workers are "independent contractors") so watch out for this trap. Your insurance company might not charge premium up front for those independent contractors, but they can add such charges at the audit that's done at the end of the policy. In most states, you are responsible for Workers Comp for independent contractors if they don't have coverage on their own.