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    EvolvHealth Once In A Lifetime Chance To Be At The Very Top

    markhill Newbie could very likely be the next Monavie. It has the leadership,
      the product and the comp plan. EvolvHealth is a new life sciences company
      that has created a compelling product backed by research at The
      University of Texas MD Anderson Center in Houston. The company is
      launching its product via a direct sales model. This creates an
      opportunity for you, me and those we know to join as first-movers,
      ahead of others, before the company actually launches.

      I am very, very selective about joining any company. So I looked into this opportunity quite a bit before joining.

      Based on my research, here are the top 10 reasons I decided to join.


      1. EvolvHealth is Backed by a billionaire. Trey White is putting his \\ reputation on the line by very publically being involved in the \\ company. In other words - he will keep it well capitalized. Not the \\ normal start-up risk.
      2. EvolvHealth is a New Product - Doesn't compete with juice or fizzy water or other big established players. It's a Blue Ocean opportunity
      3. EvolvHealth Web 2.0 technology. Company plans to play the game \\ differently than most MLM companies by taking advantage of facebook, \\ twitter, etc. Perfect for us Mike Dillard converts.
      4. We are at the top of the company. Look at any other big \\ MLM. They people at the top have an advantage and almost always do \\ better than those that come in later. (imho) My sponsor is the CEO of the Company. Joining my team means \\ you are right there at the top.
      5. With Ceo my sponsor you are Absolutely at the Top.
      6. EvolvHealth Delivery system of the product is via water \\ bottles. Something everyone drinks. So you aren't asking people to \\ make new habits.
      7. It's affordable. A lot of people buy water already. So this offsets that cost - which makes it less of a monthly cost.
      8. EvolvHealth Product has been tested by MD Anderson - The top ranked \\ Cancer research centers in the US. And the MD Anderson label will \\ appear on each bottle.
      9. During this pre-launch period it doesn't cost anything to \\ get involved. You can get on the tree for free and build out your team \\ before the official launch.
      10. EvolvHealth Comp plan is a binary with a few twists that make it \\ better than other big binary plans you see out there. Higher payouts, \\ bigger team bonus limit, higher check match, and the addition of coding \\ bonus with hasn't been done with a binary before. (to my knowledge)

      I'd get on the tree for free now and then decide as more info comes out
      and see if you can fit it into what you are already doing or possibly
      be a new primary business for you. It's perfect for either.