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    Any help or advice for my website would be great

    daytonz101 Wayfarer
      Hello everyone, I have been running my website since 2005 when I decided to quit my job. I discussed it with my wife and she was behind me 100%. I made up my mind, I'm either gonna make it work or not make it work. God has given me muliple talents that are amazing and I have to try to keep everything leveled to keep from getting overwhelmed. But all in all, I do custom hand done designs on sneakers for men, woman, and kids. My problem(s) is I get orders and bills do get paid and thats it. No extra money to play with and treat myself to something. The same as it was with the job I was working. I wanna get to that next level of expanding. I can't seem to get my money right to buy the shoes I need upfront and when I get orders sometimes I have to cancel the customers order because I won't have the size they need. I buy from a local supplier at a okay price but if I could somehow get the money right to get my own shoes upfront, my profit is pretty much over the top. I never charge for the shoes I do, its all for the design work, the shoes are part of the package.

      I don't have the expert knowledge of search engine submissions and things of that sort. I know if I had the know how to that or someone kind enough to lend a hand I could go to the next level. Its a blessing to be in business for myself since 05. I refuse to let the economy put a damper on things. I can go beyond that and further. I actually wanted to try and get my own shoe design done so I would have my own brand. Already got them drawn out, just no funds to have them manufactured. Oh yeah, I use to sell alot of them on ebay but they started getting a little wicked with things so I had to cut them loose. Sold shoes to people all over the world and a they found the website which is good but if I knew how to make it more visible it would be better. Please Ladies and Gentlemen if you can spare a minute to help that would be great, thanks and everyone have a blessed day
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          wordperfect Scout

          I am not sure if it is just me but.............................


          I am confused over your question, it seems to me the problem if indeed there is one, is more of your business plan and costing strategy if you are not making enough to cover your needs am not sure how improving your site is going to help.


          Maybe I have lived in China too long and become cynical, but are you sure this is not just a way to get further traffic to your site?
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              daytonz101 Wayfarer
              Thanks for your reply but your answer can go 2 ways and i'll do my best to answer. Fiirst way i can take as you are aking me am I using this to get further traffic from this posting. If so the answer is no, um pretty sure my niche is not enough clients on here. I came here because there are alot of really successful people here I can get access to in order to get some really helpful information to further be a success like them.

              Second way your answer could be taken is the way I stated everything is its more about how to drive more traffic to my site. And that answer also goes back to what I wrote in the frist answer. All in all I am seeking help from anyone who is willing to be a blessing to someone else as they have been blessed to be successful. Not looking for any habdouts or all your top secrets(LOL) I know its hard work when you in business for yourself, and you can't just get helpful input from any person who wants to give you their say so. Um gonna go to the top and thats my goal, and with some of the nice people on this site, that won't be a problem. I really appreciate your reply.
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                  wordperfect Scout

                  Hi, we seem to be engaging in a game of mutual confusion, sorry about that.


                  Just quickly, my position. As i don't live there and i see this as a forum rather than a sales market I don't push my company so I try to be objective. Please don't take offence. Secondly, day time US is wee hours here in China and as I work all day, I usually look at this thread when i am tired, so maybe I missed your question.


                  OK, if your question is taken at face value and all you want is website help, I can't help. But it just seemed to me that your problem went deeper than the website, you have a good site, good product and know what you are doing but it seems from your post, your biggest problem is that you are not making enough money to "grow" the business. So, as I said, I wasn't sure how working on the site would address this.


                  Or, put another way, if your profit on 10 isn't allowing you to expand becasue of costs, I thought it would be easier to address the costs issue and try to increase your margins rather than try to sell thousands and work on volume sales and lower margins, especially in today's competitive and tight economy? If you can lift your profit you can maybe afford to look at other ways to promote and not have to rely on website traffic so much.


                  Maybe I need to read your post again during daylight hours when my brain is more awake. Again, sorry if I confused you.
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                      daytonz101 Wayfarer
                      WordPerfect you pretty much on key with both answers. Amazing, you see what um talking about here. Exactly not making enough to grow but the potential is there. Let me ask you this do you know of any company there that can do my own shoe design. I know I need to be looking at more important issues but it is still good to have the info, for when I can get that done
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                          wordperfect Scout

                          Hi, thanks for your reply, sorry for my delay, I have been out of Beijing.


                          I suspect you are looking for a yes or no , but as you probably realise now,I tend to be a bit cautious and look a little deeper, and as I said in another post, I don't believe there is an original idea any more so i am certain someone else is also doing what you are doing. On that basis I will give you a definite quite possibly as an answer!


                          However, I would really need a lot more information before I could talk specifics with you, and I understand you are not prepared to go that far yet with your "secrets,", especially on this board. So when and if you want to take it a bit further, just send me an E-mail, details are on my member page.


                          Good luck with your web page, but i would still take some of my eggs out of that basket!
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                    RedTieMedia Adventurer

                    Your website is functional, it gets the information to those that are able to find your website. There are a number of things you can do to increase the flow of traffic to your website so that you are able to turn users into buyers. At RedTie Media ( we feel your website should also be a selling tool. If you need some help with some SEO or want to make some changes to your website feel free to contact us at
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                      vinod1978 Adventurer
                      Your website does the job, but when you compare it to your competitors like and it isn't hard to see why customers would choose to purchase on these sites rather then the one you have created. Instead of spending time and money on creating a website that can compete with your competitors you may want to focus on your core competency of providing custom shoes instead.

                      I recommend signing up with Amazon's Pro account. You can get more information here: - It's about $40 a month and this way you don't have to worry about driving traffic to your own website. If you don't have a store on eBAY already I would do that as well. By adding stores to Amazon and eBay your product will be listed in front of millions of users - if you don't want to do both because of cost issues then I would pick Amazon over eBay.

                      The only problem is that these users still have to dig through thousands of other products, so that is why you should focus your energies on marketing and creating brand awareness. Between your own website, an eBay store, and listing your products on, distribution should no longer be an issue, the only issue should be branding and marketing.

                      My company, Tonangi Media ( can help you promote your business through television and internet advertising. Tonangi Media is a full scale video production and advertising company that gives small and medium sized businesses the ability to advertise on local or national TV, as well as globally on the internet through our network of partners and wholesale media buying outlets. I'd be happy to help you.

                      Vinod Tonangi
                      Tonangi Media

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