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    Help for SME's in China

    wordperfect Scout

      Are you thinking about entering the China market with your product or service?


      Do you have a solid business plan?


      Do you lack research or real knowledge of China and her business ways?


      BTi Marketing is a small, bi lingual Beijing based studio aiming to help start-ups with their China venture.


      Mmmmm, yes I know there are dozens, maybe thousands of such claims, many here today, gone tomorrow.


      Look, what can I say, we know the reputation that China has, we know that there are some less than honest and scrupulous companies in China, we know many overseas companies have failed and we know that in some eyes China is seen as the bad guy.


      It is easy to get tricked here to be cheated, to fail, language, customs, less than helpful officials and somewhat fluid and opaque laws don't help either. We can't promise you success, but we can promise to be fair, honest and to move heaven and earth to get you where you want to be.


      So, if you have an idea but are surrounded by questions, drop us a line. We aim for a 24 hour turn around, but, well sometimes, time is pressing but we will respond with honest advice or suggestions where ever we can. If we don't know, we will say so, or we think there is someone who can handle it better we will tell you.