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    some startup business advice.

    freedom76 Newbie

      There is Ameristop store for lease, and this store just need money for inventory to fill it needs about 20 to 25 thousands$.the problem i dont have the whole amount so im lookinf for more funds...i searche the internet there is a company calls Funding Universe...Have any one heard about it...they have to branches in U.S . One Saltlake city and one Denver..i talked to them and they opened a profile for me.....
      the Catch thar the underwriter contacted me and asked for 2500$ for getting me a business report and other this true ? and is there Company call Funding Universe....please help. Thank you
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          some startup business advice

          Who are you?? Where are you??

          Go to Members page and share some info
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              freedom76 Newbie
              I live in cincinnati, ohio. the company i was telling u about its not consultant they are kinda like they find a lender to give the money. they give like a credit line. it calls Funding Univerese ... i did some search about them it suond ligitmant company.but 2500 $ he told me to get the business corporated, and i have some revolving balance in my only credit card and i have one retail account, and he told me he want to register the business......and i have closed credit card its all payed off but i was late in one payment before i closed it so they put as derogatory bascally he told me its kinda a program just clean all the item in my credit report..... there website is and he gave a temporary passedword to log in and fill all the information its
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              demejoe Wayfarer
              What does your business pertain to. I would strongly advise you not to shell out any money if you are skeptical. You need to connect someone who can do research for you and help you decide the best way to go. Never shell out that kind of money without getting some sound advice first.
              Research is one the key elements to starting a business. You can save your business a lot of money that way. I am a small business consultant and I do research for business start ups and I dont charge anywhere near that amount for a business plan especially for a start up. That price sounds a little steep.
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                I recommend that you try to contact a participant in this forum that goes by the nickname "phanio". His business is Business Money today. Here is the link to his site:




                I have seen the advice that he has given in this forum and another that I participate in and he always seems to give solid, honest advice.


                Hope this helps.


                All the Best,


                Doug Dolan


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                  mackorock Wayfarer

                  hope this helps