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    TV Ads Work. Don't think you can afford it? Think again.

    vinod1978 Adventurer
      Many small and medium sized business do not think they can afford television advertising and resort to mediums that are simply not as effective such as direct mail, radio, or newspaper advertising. Tonangi Media ( is able to keep costs low by constantly negotiating with our local and national partners to provide targeted and cost effective advertising both on television as well as the internet. Think how much you have spent on other marketing mediums in the past. These methods may be cheaper but if they don't bring in customers is it really cost effective or is it a waste? With a budget of less then $6,000 you can reach 1/2 a million people (in most areas) - and target them based on gender, income, and geographical location. We have customers that spend as little as $2,000 a month and customers that spend well over $25,000 a month. You decide your budget and Tonangi Media will help you meet your goals.

      Tonangi Media is a full scale video production and advertising agency. We can create your concept, record a custom video complete with professional voice overs and original animation sequences that will make your advertisement stand out.

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      Vinod Tonangi
      Tonangi Media

      Video Production and Advertising for Small businesses