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    Mighty Ventures Systems Treasure Chest

    mightyventure Wayfarer
      "Get Business Expert Christine Comaford's most essential business systems, templates, checklists, processess, and procedures.

      Get the business template here:

      All businesses have regular, routine, repetitive, systematic processes and procedures that must happen consistently if they want to continue to grow and prosper. Yet not all businesses have them totally optimized, let alone written down!

      "The extent to which your business is systemized, is the extent to which you'll be successful. More systems equals more success."

      Here are some example systems you absolutely must have in place:

      * Company, personal, staff goal setting (without standard procedure to set and track goals - you'll never get where you want to get)
      * Sales & marketing checklists and procedures (these are your bread & butter. They allow you to get clear on your metrics, repeat what works, toss the rest.)
      * Hiring practices and procedures (a bad hire will cost you thousands!)
      * Financial Reporting (watch your money or lose your money)
      * Administrative Tasks (Ugh. Boring but VITAL to stay organized and efficient)

      These are the same documents Christine used in building the five companies she subsequently sold for multiple millions. Whenever she brought in as a consultant or advisor, she insist her clients start using them right away."