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    Learning How To Trade And/Or Become Informed

    dantbrown Newbie
      I recently took a course at I have become a more effective trader and I was so impressed by the instructors I sought a job to help "get the word out." I asked my wife to become my trading partner during the training process and she accepted, being small business owners (www.thedivineboutique) we are all about empowering ourselves! She was blown away not by what we already knew but what we did not know.

      Several of our entrepernuerial friends have since been through the 24 class course (which does require a fee just under $1k but payment plans can be worked out), and although a few have opted not to trade they were happy to simply understand the process and becoming better equiped to speak with the broker.

      So here is the skinny! is offering the first 8 classes at no charge. Unfortunately 2 classes have occured already but you can have the video link if you decide to register. The classes are in the evenings so you have to be a dedicated warrior to view them online. After the 8 classes, which I guarantee will blow you away, you can decide if you would like to proceed.

      Here come the shameless plugs: our boutique business; and publishing: are paying for themselves but they have not pushed profits into providing for our personal needs-yet! The money we spend to market the businesses is borderline outrageous so we have to be cautious about what we become involved in - take a look I think fellow entreprenuers would find the benefit.